The Championship medals for the general weightlifting general series, veterans, Juniors and teams were decided in Salo on Saturday.

In competitions, the winner of his series will be the one who pulls one approved jaw with the greatest possible extra weight.

There are three companies available.

One of the finest records was set by Bennie von Gerich, who pulled 11 kilos of 11-year-old boys to a new Finnish record, according to a press release from the Finnish Jaw Pull Association.

The previous record in the series was held by Sebastian Åbrant at 18.5 kilos.

The young man living in Nummela was excited about the performance.

- It was nice to try a new species.

It’s not always as easy as you imagine.

And if you don’t get a result, you just have to try again, von Gerich said in a statement.

- But there was a result of a small surprise, he added.

Bennie's father, Nordea's chief analyst and well-known economist Jan von Gerich, also took part in the jaw pull competition for the first time.

In the men's 90 kg (80.1–90.0 kg) series, he won the Finnish Championship silver with a result of 77 kg.

- 77 pounds went surprisingly well.

Maybe I should have dared to try 80 pounds, Jan von Gerich inched.

Watch 11-year-old von Gerich’s performance in the Instagram video below.

The hardest result in the men's series was Tapio Hokkanen, who pulled exactly one hundred kilograms in the 100 kg (90.1–100 kg) series.

However, Hokkanen, who lives in Turku and represents the Petäjävesi Petäjäis, was not satisfied with his result.

He holds the Finnish record of 105.5 kilos in the series, which is also a very good result considering all the series.

- No record this time.

When that was the goal, then you have to be disappointed.

Technically, the bets were bad.

The fitness was not where it should have been, even though it looked good before the race, 32-year-old Hokkanen said.

Rauno Timperi, who lives in Lohja, was responsible for the new Finnish record for the heaviest class of men, ie over 110 kg.

He improved the record in his own name by 3.5 pounds.

Now the new record is 76.5 pounds.

- The places haven't managed to last.

There have been problems with the biceps and forearm.

It went surprisingly well compared to that, Timperi, representing Inxa Gym, said.

In the video below, Tapio Hokkanen's 100 kilo bet.

Noora Kärkkäinen, who competed in the 70 kg (60.1–70 kg) series, was responsible for the women's toughest result.

He sidelined the Finnish record of 53 kilos in his own name.

It is also a very good result considering all the sets for women.

- When I pulled 53 kilos, it felt like I could still afford a kilo, Kärkkäinen says.

So he put 54 pounds in the third bet, but it didn’t come this time.

- It was pretty close.

However, my own goal was to improve the record.

- Let's try to improve in the future.

Preparing for the competition is always difficult, explains Kärkkäinen, a 33-year-old living in Lieto.