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Suriname relaxes corona rules and shortens curfew by 3 p.m.

Surinamese are allowed to go out on the street again from Saturday until 9 p.m.

That is three hours longer than was the case in the past 2.5 months.

The maximum number of people allowed to be together has gone from five to ten.

Another important relaxation is the reopening of recreational resorts, casinos and other gambling facilities, the Surinamese government reported on Saturday.

Secondary education students are also given the opportunity to take tests.

The number of corona infections and deaths in Suriname has been decreasing for several weeks, although there were days in the last week when the number of positively tested people was higher than the day before.

The death toll has been between one and five a day in recent days.

On average, around thirty patients a day are cared for in the intensive care unit.

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protests in Australia lead to clashes with police

The lockdowns have been fiercely protested in several Australian cities.

In Sydney, the largest city in the country, thousands of people protested against the corona measures and there were clashes with the police.





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Vietnam capital in lockdown

Hanoi has announced a 15-day lockdown,

Al Jazeera



The Vietnamese capital with eight million inhabitants is dealing with a record number of infections. 

In Hanoi, gatherings of more than two people are prohibited during the new lockdown.

Only government offices and essential stores are allowed to keep their doors open.

The number of infections in Vietnam is rising.

A third of the approximately 100 million inhabitants are affected by lockdown measures.

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Daily number of infections Aruba largest in three months

In Aruba, 32 people tested positive for the coronavirus on Friday,




That is the largest number since April 23.

Of the 32 people who tested positive, 18 were permanently resident on the island.

Five of the eighteen residents were fully vaccinated.

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Demonstrations against lockdown in Australia

There have been strong protests against the lockdown in several Australian cities. In Sydney, thousands of people protested against corona measures and clashed with the police. The demonstrators were not wearing face masks. New South Wales Police Minister David Elliott has announced the setting up of a special investigation unit to use CCTV footage to identify and prosecute protesters for violating the measures.

He said he was able to trace an estimated 3,500 demonstrators. On Saturday, 57 arrests were made and several officers were injured in clashes between protesters and riot police, according to Elliott.

Lockdowns have also been announced in Melbourne and Adelaide and protesters took to the streets on Saturday afternoon.

In Brisbane, where no lockdown has been announced, there were also demonstrations against the corona policy.

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'Sjansen with Janssen' will not be continued

The dating evening of GGD Kennemerland was "a success", but will not be repeated, the spokesperson for GGD Kennemerland told

NH Nieuws

. The 'Sjansen met Janssen' event, in which single participants had a blind date with each other during the 15-minute waiting time after their Janssen shot, took place on Friday evening. In the end, ten serious candidates registered for a date at the Kennemer Sportcenter in Haarlem.

The waiting area in the sports hall was brightened up especially for the participants. It is not yet known whether a spark has skipped between the participating duos.

Despite the fact that the GGD found the evening successful, there will be no repeat of the dating evening.

"But maybe we will - also at other locations - see if we can stimulate social contacts in the waiting area. Good health also starts with good mental health," the GGD spokesperson told the news medium.

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GGD injection boxes are not successful everywhere

The injection boxes of regional GGDs, which have to increase the vaccination rate in the neighbourhoods, have varying degrees of success. This is apparent from a tour of nine GGDs through


. The buses, where people can get a vaccination against COVID-19 without an appointment, are successful in Friesland, Rotterdam and Katwijk.

At the same time, the injection bus in The Hague stopped after just one weekend and the GGD Gelderland-Midden injection bus delivered about 550 injections in more than two weeks. "The bus may be in the wrong location, we are now investigating that," a spokesperson for the GGD Gelderland-Midden told the newspaper.

It is striking that people knocked on the door of several injection boxes who already had a vaccination appointment, but did not want to wait for the official appointment.

However, the buses are only intended for people who do not yet have an appointment.

The injection buses generally continue to run until the end of the summer.

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The corona vaccine is so unevenly distributed worldwide (and why it is risky)

About 67 percent of the Dutch have had at least one corona jab.

In low-income countries, such as Kenya, this is less than 2 percent of the population.



 the distribution of vaccines worldwide.

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Hospitals see an increase in psychological complaints among IC staff

In several hospitals, the number of nurses in intensive care (IC) who suffer from psychological complaints during the corona crisis has increased.

This is apparent from a tour of NU.nl along several hospitals.

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US also expects to give vulnerable people a third corona shot

In the United States, vulnerable people to the corona virus are also expected to be vaccinated for a third time. That's because of evidence that the Pfizer vaccine may become less effective several months after being given. That reports The New York Times citing government sources.

According to ongoing research by manufacturer Pfizer/BioNTech, the effectiveness of a double vaccination decreases after four to six months. The protection against infection is then still 84 percent compared to the initial 95 percent. The third shot would also provide five to ten times more antibodies.

It is still unclear when the additional vaccination campaign targeting people over 65 and people with weakened immune systems will start in the US.

Israel began administering the boosters to patients with particularly weak immune systems earlier this month.

In Hungary, people can be pricked for a third time from next month.

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Iceland reverses corona easing

Iceland has decided to reverse a series of corona easing. From Sunday midnight to August 13, everyone must again keep at least one meter away and a mouth cap obligation will apply again. Bars and restaurants close at 11 p.m. and gatherings are limited to 200 people.

The Icelandic government also decided to introduce other restrictions as the number of corona infections is rising again, even though more than 85 percent of the population over the age of 16 has been fully vaccinated. Three quarters of the new infections are in people who have been vaccinated. This mainly concerns the delta variant.

Iceland was the first country in Europe to end most of the corona measures, and one of the first countries worldwide to lift health checks for vaccinated travelers.

But they now need a negative test of a maximum of 72 hours old.

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RIVM reports 6,453 positive tests, considerably less than average (8,083)

In the past 24 hours, 6,453 positive corona tests have been registered. That is considerably less than last week, when more than 10,000 infections were regularly reported. According to outgoing minister Hugo de Jonge (Public Health), the peak of the sudden corona wave has passed and the number of infections has stabilised.

The average over the past seven days has fallen further. On Thursday, that average was 8,780. This Friday the average is 8,083 positive tests per day.

In the past 24 hours, RIVM again received three reports of corona-related deaths, the same number as the 24 hours before.

This does not necessarily mean that three people have died from the effects of the virus in the past 24 hours.

There may be a delay between the notification and the date of death.

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Second corona vaccine for children approved by EMA

The corona vaccine from Moderna can now also be used in the EU for twelve to seventeen-year-olds. The Moderna vaccine is the second corona vaccine approved for young people. It was previously given the green light by Pfizer.

The vaccine has been tested on 3,732 young people in the relevant age group. They developed the same resistance to COVID-19 as adults between the ages of 18 and 25.

None of the 2,163 children who received the Moderna vaccine became infected with the corona virus. Of the 1,073 children who were given a placebo, 4 became infected.

The most common side effects are the same as those seen in adults.

These include swelling around the puncture site, fatigue, headache and muscle pain.

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