The early part of the week is spent in chilly weather than usual.

However, the new heat is just around the corner, says Anna Latvala, a meteorologist on duty at Foreca.

Heat readings are likely to be seen no later than the weekend.

- In the rest of the week, there has been little variation in when that warmer air, strictly speaking, begins to spread again to Finland.

Whether the return of the heat will go to the weekend or not is still uncertain, Latvala says.

The new high-pressure area will gradually spread from the west to Finland during the rest of the week, and will raise the meter readings closer to the temperatures already declared normal this summer.

- This colder episode won't last very long.

The weather continues until the end of the week quite windy.

The colder air running from the northwest drops daytime temperatures in the south on Monday and Tuesday to around 20 degrees.

There are 16 to 20 degrees in the central parts of the country.

In the north, the weather cools further on Tuesday, with temperatures ranging from 10 to 15 degrees.


This colder episode will not last very long.

Long-needed rainfall is also promised for areas dried up by the heat and constant sunshine of Southern and Central Finland.

- On Monday, the rains will be quite low, there will be some deaf people still coming from the east and the north.

From the evening, however, the next scattered rainfall will first spread north, and during tomorrow morning and day it will pass through the southern and central parts of the country.

There may be thunder among the deaf rains, but not to the same extent as last weekend.

Unstable weather can cool temperatures locally on Tuesday.

- It's even colder in the rain, you can stay around 15 degrees or less in the south.

Rainfall with thunderstorms receding east by Wednesday night.

As the weather becomes clearer, night temperatures below 10 degrees are possible in the south as well.

After the middle of the week, the chance of warm air spreading from the southwestern parts of the country increases.

- At the moment, the first half of next week looks hot, but there is some uncertainty.

This is not as clear a high pressure situation as it used to be.

It is quite uncertain in which area the temperature will rise, but probably in both warmer directions.