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At least 81 people have been killed in the storm in Germany.

At least 1,300 residents are still missing, authorities report Friday.

About 1,300 people are missing in Bad Neuenahr-Ahrweiler alone, the city authorities reported Thursday evening.

However, it's not clear how many of them got into trouble from the churning water because the cell phone network went down.

As a result, many of them are unreachable.

The electricity network in Germany will also be hit hard.

According to energy supplier Eon, about 165,000 people in western Germany were without power on Thursday.

In recent days, entire German municipalities have been cut off from the outside world.

Numerous houses have collapsed due to the heavy rain.

Many residents sought protection from the floods in trees and on the roofs of houses.

Rescue workers brought people to safety with boats and helicopters.

"We have never experienced such a disaster. It is really debilitating," said Rhineland-Palatinate Prime Minister Malu Dreyer.


Drone films havoc in Germany after severe flooding

Flooded cellars are fatal for some residents

At least 20 people were killed in the Cologne region.

Some bodies were found in flooded basements and two fatalities were firefighters who died during rescue operations.

A hospital in Leverkusen had to be evacuated.

Emergency services are assisted by about 850 soldiers, who use armored vehicles to clear roads.

Helicopters are constantly flying to rescue people who have sought refuge on rooftops.

Chancellor Angela Merkel responded Thursday from the United States, where she met President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris on Thursday, "shocked" at the disaster.

She said she sympathized with the relatives of the victims and thanked the "tiring" emergency services for their efforts.

Vice Chancellor Olaf Scholz interrupted his vacation because of the flooding.

Eleven dead in Belgium

In Belgium, the severe weather has killed at least eleven people.

For example, in the hard-hit Pepinster (province of Liège), a body was found under a bridge that had partially collapsed.

Five people were killed in Verviers, three more elsewhere.

Two bodies were also found in Chaudfontaine.

At the southern neighbors 'only' four people are still missing.

One of them is a fifteen-year-old girl who disappeared in a river.

Three people who had just been rescued were thrown into the water when the fire boat they were in overturned.

The firefighters in the boat were able to get themselves to safety.

The havoc is also great in Belgium: bridges and houses have collapsed and many inhabitants had to be evacuated.

It is not yet clear how extensive the damage is.

In the Netherlands, determining the damage will probably take several weeks.

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