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Outgoing Minister Grapperhaus of Justice and Security has commissioned an independent investigation into the security of crime journalist Peter R. de Vries, who was seriously injured in an attempt on his life in Amsterdam on 6 July.

The investigation is being conducted by Tjibbe Joustra, who was previously chairman of the Dutch Safety Board (OVV).

He must collect the facts surrounding the surveillance of the shot crime journalist.

Grapperhaus wants "a complete overview of the question of which information was available at which time from which (government) party and to what extent appropriate action was taken on the basis of this information".

The minister refers to the threat there was against De Vries.

Lawyer Peter Schouten, who together with De Vries and Onno de Jong forms the defense team of crown witness Nabil B. in the Marengo trial, announced earlier this week in talk show


that more could have been done to protect De Vries. .

Incidentally, the crime journalist refused personal protection and then this cannot be forced on him.

According to Schouten, discussions were held with the National Coordinator for Security and Counterterrorism (NCTV) about the security of De Vries and these discussions did not go "harmonious".

It should be noted that the responsibility for the security of Nabil B.'s confidential counselor does not lie with the NCTV, but in this case with the Amsterdam Chief Public Prosecutor.

The NCTV is responsible for the so-called national domain, such as politicians.

And although the parties to the Marengo process also fall under the NCTV, this does not apply to De Vries because he is not a lawyer.

De Vries still in hospital

The investigation into the security is separate from the criminal investigation into the two suspects of shooting De Vries.

They are in custody and their pre-trial detention was recently extended.

The 64-year-old crime journalist is still seriously injured in hospital.

His children said this week that they are currently unable to tell much about his medical situation.


Timeline: This happened after the assassination attempt on Peter R. de Vries