The flooding caused by heavy rainfall is becoming increasingly severe in Valkenburg, Limburg.

Soldiers help the fire brigade to evacuate residents of, among other things, a care center.

In addition, as a result of the high water, trucks with food cannot reach the city, so there is a fear of a food shortage.

The municipality of Valkenburg warns people not to walk through flooded streets and to stay indoors.

Manhole covers may have been washed away and this is not visible in the muddy water.

The soldiers who help with the evacuations use heavy four-ton trucks that can drive through the high water in Valkenburg and transport many people at the same time.

"In this way we support the other emergency services there and help people out of their homes and take them to dry land," said a spokesperson for the brigade.

About four hundred households in Valkenburg that are without electricity as a result of the high water have to look elsewhere.

Grid operator Enexis is unable to solve the problem in the short term.

According to a spokesperson for the security region, the connections can only be restored when the water has completely disappeared.

"And that can take days," he said.

Until then, people are urgently advised to seek shelter with family, friends and acquaintances.

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Fear of food shortage

The hotels in Valkenburg are currently full of evacuees.

The food supply has stopped because trucks can no longer reach Valkenburg due to the high water.

A spokesperson for the security region said that a solution to the supply problems is still being sought, including for households without electricity.

There is still a lot of flooding in the rest of South Limburg.

Many motorists are no longer able to continue driving as a result of the high water.

There are also no trains between Maastricht and Li├Ęge.

The situation in Hoensbroek appears to be reasonably under control again on Thursday morning, a spokesperson for the South Limburg Security Region reported.

On Wednesday evening, the municipality pointed out to residents of the lower parts of the Heerlen district that they had to take into account significant flooding, because a large water basin filled with 120,000 cubic meters of water was about to break through.

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Limburgers have to 'bite a little longer'

The Limburgers still have to bite the





Some models assume at least 40 millimeters of rain in the affected area.

According to other models, the center of gravity of the storm is slightly more to the west.

But the eastern part of Brabant will also receive a lot of precipitation, just like last night.


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