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Here we will keep you informed about the flooding in South Limburg.

  • Flooding due to heavy rainfall

  • Code red to 3:20 am


    , it is still valid code yellow

  • Especially affected south of Limburg

  • Defense has sent soldiers

  • Very high water level in Maas on Thursday

  • Security region asks people to stay at home

  • A little drier in Limburg in the coming hours

8 minutes ago

Valkenburg streets are empty: 'It is sad, I can cry'

9 minutes ago

Brabant fire brigade comes to the rescue of Limburg

Brabant fire trucks will help combat the flooding in South Limburg.

On Thursday morning, an unknown number of fire trucks drove south from Brabant via the A2.

According to a spokesperson for the South Limburg Safety Region, the firefighters from Brabant will start working in Meerssen, near Maastricht.

A peak in the water level of the Geul is expected around 11 a.m.

This could lead to flooding, the spokesperson said.

The Brabant fire brigade is deployed in South Limburg to remove people from homes where necessary, to pump water away and to combat other incidents, he said.

The fire brigade in South Limburg in particular has its hands full with flooded Valkenburg.

43 minutes ago

Belgium also deploys troops after heavy rainfall

The Belgian Defense Minister, Ludivine Dedonder, has given permission to deploy the army because of the heavy rainfall.

According to Belgian media, soldiers were already carrying out supporting operations in the provinces of Liège, Namur, Luxembourg and Belgian Limburg.

Trucks have been used to evacuate people, among other things.

"Requests for assistance and deployment of material will be handled at provincial level in consultation with the emergency services on site," said the spokesman for Minister Dedonder.

"The defense can help by deploying zodiacs, water pumps, transport and housing and other resources. The personnel is ready with the necessary resources to intervene within two hours."

43 minutes ago

an hour ago

Thirty missing after houses collapse in Germany

About thirty people are missing after six houses collapsed in the west German state of Rhineland-Palatinate during the night from Wednesday to Thursday due to flooding and heavy rain, regional broadcaster




The six collapsed houses were in the town of Schuld, near Adenau, in the hilly Eiffel region.

About 25 other houses are about to collapse.

According to a police spokesperson, the situation in Schuld is unclear.

an hour ago

Twenties died in Belgium  

In the Belgian town of Eupen, which is also ravaged by heavy rainfall, the nodo weather took the life of a 22-year-old man on Wednesday,

Belgian media



He would have jumped into the fast flowing water with a swimming pool after which he was missing.

His body was later found in a stream.

an hour ago

The connecting road from the A2 from Eindhoven to the A65 in the direction of Tilburg is closed due to water on the road, Rijkswaterstaat reports on Twitter.


Due to flooding, the connection road from the #A2 from Eindhoven to the #A65 in the direction of Tilburg is closed.

More information about the situation on the road during #codeyellow:


AuthorRijkswaterstaat Traffic InformationMoment of places05: 03 - 15 July 2021

4 hours ago

Dryer in Limburg for

the next few hours It will be slightly

drier in Limburg in

the coming hours, but it could rain again later in the day.

The center and east will also have to deal with heavy rainfall.

In many places 20 to 40 millimeters fall in 24 hours, locally more than 50 millimeters can fall.

This can lead to nuisance in traffic and outdoor activities.

Because a lot of rain has already fallen in Limburg, there is again an increased risk of flooding.

"Today's problems are mainly caused by the drainage of water and that problem has not yet been solved so quickly," said weatherman Peter Kuipers Munneke on Wednesday evening in the NPO Radio 1 program 

Met het Oog op Morgen


Less rain in #Limburg for the time being.



AuthorMeteo LimburgMoment of places21: 14 - 14 July 2021

4 hours ago

4 hours ago

There will be no train traffic to Liège on Thursday due to heavy flooding, the NS reports.

Due to flooding, there is no train traffic to Liège today.

Postpone your trip if possible


AuthorNS onlineMoment of places02: 11 - 15 July 2021

5 hours ago

The KNMI has ended code red in Limburg, but code yellow will remain active for the time being for heavy rain.

It will rain less heavily in the afternoon.

#Code red for heavy #rain in #Limburg has ended.

#Code yellow for heavy #rain will remain in effect for the middle and east of the country for the time being.

In the course of the afternoon it will rain less heavily.



Author KNMIMoment of places01: 32 - July 15, 2021

5 hours ago

Red Cross assists with relief efforts in South Limburg

Red Cross employees will work through the night to support the flooding in South Limburg, the organization reports on Wednesday night.

In the municipality of Gulpen-Wittem, the aid organization has set up fifty camp beds for evacuees.

By 3 a.m., half of those beds are occupied.

In addition, there are beds on the way to Simpelveld and Valkenburg.

The Red Cross is taking into account that it may be necessary to scale up to other parts of Limburg at a later date if the flooding continues.

6 hours ago

Vulnerable elderly people forced to evacuate Valkenburg

Mayor Daan Prevoo of the municipality of Valkenburg aan de Geul issued an emergency order in the night from Wednesday to Thursday to forcibly evacuate vulnerable elderly people if they refuse to leave their flooded home.

Prevoo writes



that his duty of care has made him decide to do so.

According to the mayor, good reception is provided.

On Wednesday evening, two nursing homes and a hospice in Valkenburg were also evacuated.

According to the security region, the residents were received in other care homes.

The town hall of Valkenburg is also open for reception.

6 hours ago

yesterday at 11:45 pm

Municipality of Valkenburg warns against missing manhole covers

The municipality of Valkenburg warns people not to walk through flooded streets and to stay indoors.

Manhole covers may have been washed away and this is not visible in the muddy water.

In addition, the water may be contaminated with sewage.

More than half a meter of water was already standing in the center of Valkenburg late Wednesday evening.

yesterday at 11:45 pm

Power failure in part of Valkenburg

Grid operator Enexis reports that about 374 customers in Valkenburg are currently without power due to the flooding.

We currently have a power outage in Valkenburg, caused by the high water.

374 customers are without power.

We are currently investigating when we can fix this.

More information will follow later tonight!

We apologize for the inconvenience.


AuthorEnexis FaultsMoment of places23: 37 - 14 July 2021

yesterday at 23:27

Belgian village partly evacuated due to rising water

In the Belgian village of Moelingen, just across the border near Maastricht, 140 homes were evacuated on Wednesday evening. Due to the heavy rain of recent days, the river Berwijn has burst its banks. An emergency dike of sandbags, which had been constructed earlier in the day, has broken through.

Images from television channel VTM show that a large part of the village of 850 inhabitants is under water. According to the newspaper

Het Laatste Nieuws

, approximately 250 residents were removed from their homes by boats.

Mayor Joris Gaens van Voeren, the municipality that includes the village, told the newspaper: "I am deeply impressed. These are the worst floods that Voeren has known so far."

The E25 highway to the Netherlands is also closed, because a roundabout near the village is under water.

yesterday at 23:27

yesterday at 23:26

Agents go door-to-door in Valkenburg to check whether residents are at home.

Due to the ever-rising high water following the flooding of the Geul, many streets have been flooded.

yesterday at 23:24

Images show how cars in Valkenburg are being dragged along by the heavy current.


Just in the streets of Valkenburg.

A car is swept away by the current of the water.

#Limburg #Valkenburg


AuthorGlenn MaessenMoment of places22: 08 - 14 July 2021

yesterday at 23:14


periods in Limburg in

the coming hours It will become

drier in Limburg in

the coming hours and possibly until the morning, weatherman Peter Kuipers Munneke said on Wednesday evening in the NPO Radio 1 program 

Met het Oog op Morgen


Radar images show that there are a few dry hours of turnout.

"Limburg can breathe a little in the coming hours, because at least no more water is added."

Nevertheless, the flooding continues, continues Kuipers Munneke.

"The current problems are mainly caused by the drainage of water and that problem has not been solved so quickly."

yesterday at 23:09

The evacuation of residents of a hospice and a nursing home in Valkenburg continued until midnight.


#Valkenburg #file


AuthorjeremyMoment of Places22: 28 - 14 July 2021

yesterday at 23:09

yesterday at 10:04 pm

Bull attacks farmer who wanted to bring cows to safety

A farmer was injured in the village of Neerijnen (Gelderland) on Wednesday after being attacked by a bull.

According to the police, the man was in a meadow near the river Waal trying to get cows to safety from the rising water.

The victim has been taken to hospital.

The bull was shot by a game warden.

yesterday at 22:02

Due to the rainfall, the water levels of the Maas and the Roer will continue to rise in the coming days, warns the Limburg-Noord safety region.

Nevertheless, no problems are expected in the north of Limburg for the time being.

Due to the heavy rainfall, the #water levels of the #Meuse and the #Roer will continue to rise in the coming days.

#Waterschap #Limburg is taking necessary measures and for the time being does not foresee any problems in North Limburg


Author Limburg-North Security RegionMoment of places22:00 - 14 July 2021

yesterday at 21:50

Timmermans: Thoughts are with our old neighbors of Oil Mill

European Commissioner Frans Timmermans wishes Limburgers strength in the flooding in the south of the province.

The PvdA politician, who comes from Heerlen, says on Twitter: "My thoughts are with our former neighbors across the street, the Reesink family, who renovated the Oliemolen so beautifully and who now had to swim for their lives."

The historic Oil Mill in Heerlen, a water mill from 1502, is a national monument.

The building flooded on Wednesday when the Caumerbeek overflowed its banks.

The stream now "runs right through the property," said Frank Reesink, the owners' son.

They run a bed & breakfast there.

yesterday at 21:41

Also no train traffic to Liège on Thursday morning

Due to the flooding,

no train traffic to Liège

is possible until at least 9.00 on Thursday morning, the NS reports.

There is also limited train traffic to Aachen and Cologne due to the flooding in the border area.

The rail service recommends postponing travel.

yesterday at 21:38

In Valkenburg aan de Geul, the entertainment area has completely flooded.


Situation in Valkenburg aan de Geul now.

The entertainment area is completely empty.

#water nuisance #Limburg @RTLnieuws


Author Nils RompenMoment of places21: 26 - 14 July 2021

yesterday at 21:32

Due to the heavy rainfall, one or more water catchment basins in the village of Schin op Geul (Limburg) broke through and overflowed on Wednesday, leaving streets flooded.


🌧️ LIVE: serious flooding in the south of Limburg!

A "wave" of water from the Ardennes is currently moving through the Geul: several villages are completely flooded and houses are in the water up to the 1st floor (!) .. @weermanreinier @StormHour @Weerplaza @ADnl @NUnl


Author Wouter van BernebeekMoment of places21: 09 - 14 July 2021

yesterday at 21:26

All schools in Gulpen-Wittem municipality closed on Thursday

Due to the flooding, all primary schools and Sophianum secondary school in Gulpen-Wittem will remain


tomorrow, the municipality announced on Wednesday evening. The toddler care locations also keep their doors closed.

Gulpen-Wittem town hall will also be closed on Thursday. The municipality says on its website that residents who need temporary accommodation because of the flooding can report to the old school building of Sophianum. The municipality calls on extra attention to neighbors and vulnerable elderly.

Due to the flooding, tomorrow (15 July) all schools (both all primary and secondary schools the @SophianumPR) and all toddler care locations of @StichtingLVO, Kom Learning, Innovo and Speeltère in the municipality of Gulpen-Wittem will be closed for students and staff.


AuthorGulpen-Wittem MunicipalityMoment of places20: 31 - 14 July 2021

yesterday at 20:53

A hospice and a nursing home in the Limburg city of Valkenburg have been evacuated due to the bad weather.

The reason is the constantly rising water as a result of the flooding of the Geul.

Nursing home and hospice in Valkenburg evacuated due to severe weather

yesterday at 20:40

Security region repeats call to stay at home The

South Limburg security region once again calls on people to stay indoors and not to seek out open water.

"Dangerous situations can arise due to flooding. We see streams and rivers overflowing their banks in various places. Stay indoors and do not come near rivers and streams!"

yesterday at 20:38


Valkenburg is being washed away.😱 #Limburg #highwater #codered


AuthorRemcoMoment of places20: 24 - 14 July 2021

yesterday at 20:34

In the center of Valkenburg, the water is now almost up to the knees.


Grotestraat #Valkenburg #1limburg #l1


Author Wouter NelissenMoment of places20: 23 - 14 July 2021

yesterday at 20:32

Residents of Hoensbroek already have to deal with a high water level.

This can worsen if the nearby water buffer overflows or breaks through De Dem.

yesterday at 20:27

Residents of the Valkenheim nursing home in Valkenburg are being evacuated to another nursing home at the request of the Sevagram Foundation due to the failure of utilities.

Families of residents can contact the Sevagram Foundation with questions.


AuthorSouth Limburg Security RegionMoment of places20: 19 - 14 July 2021

yesterday at 20:19

Ontruimingen in Valkenburg door wateroverlast
Ook in Valkenburg is veel regen gevallen. Een hospice en een verpleeghuis in de stad zijn geëvacueerd, maakt burgemeester Daan Prevoo bekend voor de rampenzender L1. Ook een camping bij Valkenburg is ontruimd.

Aanleiding is het almaar stijgende water als gevolg van de overstroming van de Geul. De mensen worden naar niet nader genoemde opvangplekken gebracht.

Het gemeentehuis van Valkenburg blijft de hele nacht open. Mensen die door het hoge water hun huis uit moeten of verstoken raken van gas, water en licht kunnen er terecht. Van daaruit kan gezocht worden naar een droge opvang.


Ondertussen verandert het centrum van Valkenburg in Venetië aan de Geul. (beeld via Marcel van Loo) #noodweer #Limburg #wateroverlast #valkenburg @RTLnieuws


Author Nils RompenMoment of places20: 08 - 14 July 2021

yesterday at 20:10

Emergency services help with placing sandbags in Hoensbroek.

yesterday at 20:03

Red Cross supplies camp beds to the municipality in South Limburg

The Red Cross supplies one hundred camp beds to the municipality of Gulpen-Wittem, in case people cannot spend the night at home due to flooding.

The Red Cross is also present with teams of volunteers in the municipalities of Simpelveld and Gulpen-Wittem.

The volunteers are ready to receive people who are or will be affected by the flooding.

yesterday at 20:02

Propping up the Dem water buffer proves impossible.

Local residents therefore have to take significant flooding into account.

Therefore the call to stay away from the water buffer.

We ask local residents to take measures to limit damage as much as possible.


Author Municipality of HeerlenMoment of places19: 01 - 14 July 2021

yesterday at 20:01

Stutten waterbekken Hoensbroek onmogelijk, woningen bedreigd
Het blijkt onmogelijk om het grote waterbekken te stutten dat moet voorkomen dat een wijk in Hoensbroek onder water loopt. De gemeente Heerlen waarschuwt bewoners van de lager gelegen delen van dit stadsdeel van Heerlen rekening te houden met flinke wateroverlast. Ook roept zij iedereen op uit de buurt te blijven van de waterbuffer, die gevuld is met 120.000 kuub water en inmiddels overloopt.

Gemeente en hulpdiensten vragen bedreigde bewoners maatregelen te nemen om de schade zo veel mogelijk te beperken. De militairen die volgens een woordvoerder van de veiligheidsregio zouden komen helpen bij het stutten van het waterbekken, zijn daar niet aangekomen. Een reden daarvoor is niet bekend.

The soldiers appear to have gone to Gulpen, because the access roads to this hill country village were flooded.

The army trucks must continue to make delivery and removal from the village possible, according to the same spokesperson on disaster channel



yesterday at 19:30

Severe flooding due to severe weather in Limburg

yesterday at 19:14

Anyone wishing to hit the roads in Limburg at the moment will benefit from a water scooter rather than a car.


Jet skiing on the streets of #Limburg;

it can and it actually happens 😂👇🏼


AuthorEmre HoogduijnMoment of places19: 10 - 14 July 2021

yesterday at 19:05

Donderdag tien keer zo veel water als normaal door de Maas
Het regent niet alleen in Limburg, maar ook in de Ardennen. Als gevolg daarvan schieten ook de waterstanden in de Maas omhoog. Donderdag voert de rivier naar verwachting ruim tien keer zo veel water af als normaal. Op de Belgisch-Nederlandse grens staat het water donderdagavond volgens Rijkswaterstaat 5 meter hoger dan normaal. Uiterwaarden zullen daarbij overstromen. Dit is hoger dan de hoogste zomerstand van 1980 en komt ook in de buurt van het winterrecord van 1995.

gisteren om 19:04

Extreme neerslag in #Limburg én in de Ardennen. Als gevolg schiet de Maas in zeer korte tijd naar grootste hoogte in meer dan 40 jaar - kan donderdagnacht aan grens België-Nederland 50 meter(!) boven NAP komen, toont verwachting @Rijkswaterstaat. Dat is "extreem hoogwater" @NUnl


Author Rolf SchuttenhelmMoment of places18: 22 - 14 July 2021

yesterday at 6:56 pm

If the expectation comes true, the highest water level ever will be reached in the Roer tonight or tomorrow.

In this scenario, 180 m3 of water per second flows through the Roer.

Purple is possible flood area, red is inhabited area.

Check out


Author Limburg-North Security RegionMoment of places18: 36 - July 14, 2021

yesterday at 6:46 pm


🌧️ To realize how much water is on its way to the Netherlands, we look at some bizarre images from the Ardennes.

The Maas is going to rise a bit!

#floodingCredits: Christelle Jeanpierre (fb)


Author Wouter van BernebeekMoment of places17: 35 - July 14, 2021

yesterday at 6:28 pm

In Heerlen the water is so high that some cars are in danger of going under.

(Photo: Tim Uiterwijk)

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