The floods as a result of the heavy rainfall in South Limburg are causing nuisance in more and more places in the province.

In Valkenburg the water is so high that a hospice and a nursing home had to be evacuated.

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Residents of the Valkenheim nursing home in Valkenburg are being evacuated to another nursing home due to the failure of utilities, reports the South Limburg Security Region.

Videos and photos on social media show that the water is very high in various parts of the center of Valkenburg.

A campsite near the city has also been evacuated.

Valkenburg town hall remains open all night to receive people who have to leave their homes due to high water or who are deprived of gas, water and light.

Due to the heavy rainfall, code red applies in the entire province of Limburg until at least 3 a.m.

A lot of rain is also expected on Thursday, causing rivers to burst their banks.

The South Limburg Security Region once again calls on people to stay indoors and not to seek out open water.

"Dangerous situations can arise due to flooding. We see streams and rivers overflowing their banks in various places. Stay indoors and do not come near rivers and streams!"


Nursing home and hospice in Valkenburg evacuated due to severe weather

Hoensbroek water buffer threatens to overflow

In Hoensbroek (municipality of Heerlen) the water buffer De Dem is in danger of overflowing because of the high water level as a result of the heavy rainfall.

According to a spokesman for the security region, the military personnel sent by Defense who would come to help prop up the water basin.

A reason for this is unknown.

Residents in the area try to protect their homes as much as possible by laying down sandbags.

They were asked to take measures, such as finding a safe place in the house and cutting off electricity and gas.

Earlier on Wednesday, the A76 and A79 near Heerlen were closed, Rijkswaterstaat reported.

Both highways are flooded and impassable, traffic is being diverted.


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