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Here we will keep you informed about the flooding in South Limburg.

  • Flooding due to heavy rainfall

  • Code red in effect

  • Especially affected south of Limburg

  • Defense sends soldiers

  • Very high water level in Maas on Thursday

  • Nursing home and hospice Valkenburg evacuated

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In the center of Valkenburg, the water is now almost up to the knees.


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Author Wouter NelissenMoment of places20: 23 - 14 July 2021

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Residents of Hoensbroek already have to deal with a high water level.

This can worsen if the nearby water buffer overflows or breaks through De Dem.

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Residents of the Valkenheim nursing home in Valkenburg are being evacuated to another nursing home at the request of the Sevagram Foundation due to the failure of utilities.

Families of residents can contact the Sevagram Foundation with questions.


AuthorSouth Limburg Security RegionMoment of places20: 19 - 14 July 2021

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Evacuations in Valkenburg due to flooding

A lot of rain has also fallen in Valkenburg.

A hospice and a nursing home in the city have been evacuated, Mayor Daan Prevoo announced for the disaster channel



A campsite near Valkenburg has also been evacuated.

The reason is the ever rising high water as a result of the flooding of the Geul.

The people are taken to unnamed shelters.

The town hall of Valkenburg remains open all night.

People who have to leave their homes due to the high water or who are deprived of gas, water and light can go there.

From there you can look for a dry shelter.


Meanwhile, the center of Valkenburg is turning into Venice aan de Geul.

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Author Nils RompenMoment of places20: 08 - 14 July 2021

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Emergency services help with placing sandbags in Hoensbroek.

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Red Cross supplies municipalities in South Limburg with camp beds

The Red Cross supplies one hundred camp beds to the municipality of Gulpen-Wittem, in case people cannot spend the night at home due to flooding.

The Red Cross is also present with teams of volunteers in the municipalities of Simpelveld and Gulpen-Wittem.

The volunteers are ready to receive people who are or will be affected by the flooding.

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Propping up the Dem water buffer proves impossible.

Local residents therefore have to take significant flooding into account.

Therefore the call to stay away from the water buffer.

We ask local residents to take measures to limit damage as much as possible.


Author Municipality of HeerlenMoment of places19: 01 - 14 July 2021

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Supporting the Hoensbroek water basin impossible, homes threatened

It appears impossible to support the large water basin that is intended to prevent a neighborhood in Hoensbroek from being flooded. The municipality of Heerlen warns residents of the lower parts of this district of Heerlen to take significant flooding into account. She also calls on everyone to stay away from the water buffer that is filled with 120,000 cubic meters of water and is now overflowing.

The municipality and emergency services are asking threatened residents to take measures to limit the damage as much as possible. The soldiers who, according to a spokesman for the security region, would come to help prop up the water basin, have not arrived there. A reason for this is unknown.

The soldiers appear to have gone to Gulpen, because the access roads to this hill country village are flooded.

The 4-tonners of the army must continue to enable supply and removal from the village, according to the same spokesman on disaster channel L1.

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Severe flooding due to severe weather in Limburg

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Anyone wishing to hit the roads in Limburg at the moment will benefit from a water scooter rather than a car.


Jet skiing on the streets of #Limburg;

it can and it actually happens 😂👇🏼


AuthorEmre HoogduijnMoment of places19: 10 - 14 July 2021

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Thursday ten times as much water as usual through the Maas

It is not only raining in Limburg, but also in the Ardennes.

As a result, the water levels in the Meuse are also rising.

On Thursday, the river is expected to discharge more than ten times as much water as normal.

On the Belgian-Dutch border, the water is 5 meters higher than normal on Thursday evening, according to Rijkswaterstaat.

Floodplains will flood.

This is higher than the summer high of 1980, and also close to the winter record of 1995.

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Extreme precipitation in #Limburg and in the Ardennes.

As a result, the Meuse shoots up to its greatest height in more than 40 years in a very short time - on Thursday night at the border between Belgium and the Netherlands, it can rise 50 meters (!) above NAP, according to @Rijkswaterstaat.

That's "extreme high water" @NUnl


Author Rolf SchuttenhelmMoment of places18: 22 - 14 July 2021

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If the expectation comes true, the highest water level ever will be reached in the Roer tonight or tomorrow.

In this scenario, 180 m3 of water per second flows through the Roer.

Purple is possible flood area, red is inhabited area.

Check out https://t.co/yMNzlzxtAo


Author Limburg-North Security RegionMoment of places18: 36 - July 14, 2021

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🌧️ To realize how much water is on its way to the Netherlands, we look at some bizarre images from the Ardennes.

The Maas is going to rise a bit!

#floodingCredits: Christelle Jeanpierre (fb)


Author Wouter van BernebeekMoment of places17: 35 - July 14, 2021

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In Heerlen the water is so high that some cars are in danger of going under.

(Photo: Tim Uiterwijk)

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Highest water level ever expected in the river Roer

In the night from Wednesday to Thursday, the Roer reached its highest water level ever between the German border at Vlodrop and the estuary in the Maas at Roermond.

According to the Limburg-Noord Safety Region, 180 cubic meters of water per second will pass around that time.

In previous high water events, the Roer reached peaks of around 120 cubic meters per second.

"Due to the heavy rainfall, the water in the Roer is rising rapidly," according to the security region.

"Extremely high water levels are expected."

The region calls on people who live near the Roer to prepare.

The region also calls on people who do not live there to stay away.

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Tomorrow code yellow for heavy rain in eight other provinces

In addition to the code red for Limburg for tomorrow, KNMI has also issued code yellow for eight other provinces due to heavy rain.

Residents of North Brabant, Gelderland, Utrecht, Flevoland, Overijssel, Drenthe, Friesland and Groningen must also take into account heavy showers tomorrow, which can lead to local flooding.

Particularly in the north, a lot of rain will fall from next night.

In Groningen and Drenthe, 20 to 40 millimeters can fall in a short time, which can lead to flooding.

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The residents of South Limburg are doing their utmost to keep the water out of their homes and buildings.

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The rainfall has caused many rivers, canals and streams to burst their banks.

As a result, much arable land overflows.

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The track in #Eijsden has been flooded.

Together with the emergency services, we are closely monitoring the situation on the railways in Limburg and are taking immediate measures if necessary.

#Code red


AuthorProRailMoment of places17: 22 - 14 July 2021

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The Geul near Wijlre has overflowed its banks.

The Limburg Water Board is deploying all available equipment against flooding in the province.

The water board drives pumps to vulnerable places and installs demountable flood defenses in dykes.

The water board is therefore anticipating the latest forecast from Rijkswaterstaat, which shows a peak discharge of 2,735 cubic meters per second on Thursday evening near Maastricht.

That is unusually high for July and will subsequently lead to high water levels in the Meuse elsewhere in the province from Friday.

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Residents lay down sandbags in Hoensbroek.

Homes near the De Dem water buffer are at risk of flooding because the buffer is overcrowded and will most likely



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No trains between Maastricht and Liège

Due to flooding on the track, no trains run between Maastricht and Liège, the NS reports.

It is currently expected that the trains will start running again tomorrow morning.

Stop buses run between Maastricht and Liège.

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Soldiers with sandbags on their way to Hoensbroek 

The soldiers of the army brigade from Oirschot who arrived in Sittard earlier Wednesday evening to help fight the flooding, are on their way to


, municipality of Heerlen. They are going to try to strengthen a water buffer there with sandbags, which is about to break.

The brigade from Oirschot has large army trucks on high wheels that can drive through high water and evacuate many people at the same time, a spokesman for the army told disaster channel


. The brigade also has a vehicle for transporting the wounded.

The soldiers will take on various tasks, such as filling sandbags, making streets passable and repair work. Defense has been called in at the request of the South Limburg Security Region. The soldiers of 13 Light Brigade from Oirschot will certainly remain in Limburg until 6 p.m. tomorrow evening.

Military personnel also deployed in Belgium

Just as in Limburg, military personnel are also deployed in Belgium.

Contingency plans have been activated in the Belgian provinces of Luxembourg, Liège and Namur.

In Chaudfontaine near Liège, seventeen hundred people are evacuated because of the severe weather.

Rivers overflow their banks.

Many roads have been flooded and the center is under water in several places, Flemish media report.

Soldiers provide trucks to evacuate people and carry sandbags, camp beds, pumps and vessels.

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Local highways A76 and A79 closed

The highways A76 and A79 in South Limburg are partially closed due to the severe weather.

The A76 from Heerlen to Geleen is blocked by fallen trees between junction Ten Esschen and Nuth, the ANWB reports.

In the other direction, the road between the German border and Simpelveld is closed due to heavy showers.

Earlier on Wednesday, the A79 from Maastricht to Heerlen was closed.

The road is under water and is therefore impassable.

Rijkswaterstaat advises road users to follow local detours.

The South Limburg safety region is calling on residents not to use the road if it is not necessary and to adjust their driving behavior in other cases.

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Unfortunately, this increasing rainfall area from Germany is quickly moving towards #Limburg with the most rain again in South Limburg #water nuisance #flooding #CodeRood


AuthorMeteo LimburgMoment of places16: 25 - 14 July 2021

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A B&B in Heerlen was completely flooded on Tuesday evening after heavy rainfall.

The damage to the monumental building is extensive.

Limburg B&B destroyed by storm: 'Never experienced anything like this'

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Rutte: We are doing everything necessary to help Limburg

During the corona debate in the House of Representatives, outgoing Prime Minister Mark Rutte has just expressed his support for the residents of South Limburg who have been affected by serious flooding.

The caretaker cabinet will "do whatever it takes" to help, he promised.

According to Rutte, outgoing State Secretary Stientje van Veldhoven (Infrastructure) is already on his way to the area.

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#Code red for heavy #rain in #Limburg with serious #flooding as a result.

It will rain less heavily during the night.

#knmi warning https://t.co/dpPyZhecVg


Author KNMIMoment of places15: 53 - July 14, 2021

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KNMI issues code red for Limburg due to heavy rainfall

The KNMI has issued a weather alarm due to heavy rainfall and major flooding in South Limburg.

Code red applies to the entire province of Limburg from 6 p.m. to 3 a.m. tomorrow.

Yesterday and today code orange was already in effect.

Serious flooding can cause damage and dangerous situations, the KNMI warns.

The weather institute expects a lot of rain in South Limburg this evening and tonight.

In the coming hours, 30 to 50 millimeters of precipitation could fall.

More than 100 millimeters of water has already fallen locally.

That is more than the entire monthly amount (average 80 millimeters) in July.

It will rain less during the night, according to the KNMI.

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The Rivierenland Water Board, which extends over South Holland, Gelderland, North Brabant and Utrecht, also warns of high water coming in the basin of the Rhine and Meuse.

The water level is expected to


considerably in the coming days


High water coming.

A lot of rain has fallen in the catchment area of ​​the Rhine and Meuse.

In the coming days, that water will enter the Netherlands.

This causes high water levels on the Rhine and Meuse.

This is special in the summer.

Check out: https://t.co/Y0sypcaLOH #highwater


AuthorRivierenland Water BoardMoment of places15: 53 - July 14, 2021

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Also a lot of flooding in Belgium and Germany

Excessive rainfall causes a lot of nuisance not only in Limburg, but also in Belgium and Germany. In Chaudfontaine near Liège, seventeen hundred people are evacuated because of the bad weather. Rivers are bursting their banks and many roads have been flooded. Contingency plans have been activated in the provinces of Luxembourg, Liège and Namur and the weather institute KMI has announced code red.

Reports from Germany of flooded cellars, an evacuated care home and trapped motorists. A state of emergency has been declared in some regions and the fire brigade is fully engaged. The city of Hagen in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia, which borders on the Netherlands, has been hit hard. A nursing home there has been evacuated and declared uninhabitable. In other parts of the state, streams have expanded into rivers. There are landslides, flooded streets and rail and road traffic is disrupted.

In the state of Baden-Württemberg, persistent rain has led to flooding of the Rhine and Lake Constance.

Places along the Moselle are also concerned.

Shipping was blocked at Karlsruhe on Tuesday evening.

A 53-year-old man is missing in the Saxon Ore Mountains after being swept away by a flood.

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People live there: Cartils, between Wijlre and Wittem: unreachable #MagnifiekZL


AuthorMagnificent South LimburgMoment of places15: 34 - 14 July 2021

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Livestock in Limburg are also affected by the flooding, although these cows are still able to keep their heads above water.


It is now really getting out of hand everywhere: #Mechelen closed, Wijlre poorly accessible from Wittem (road will DEFINITELY be closed) and the cattle can hardly go anywhere (video: first called the municipality / fire brigade when video was made) #MagnifiekZL


AuthorMagnificent South LimburgMoment of places15: 28 - 14 July 2021

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Roermond campsite on the Maas evacuated

Camping Hatenboer in Roermond is being evacuated because of the flooding.

Hundreds of camping guests have to gather their belongings and leave the site, a spokesperson for the campsite said.

The eviction is done in consultation with the police and the municipality.

Via social media, the campsite calls on all guests of the campsite and marina "to complete everything" in connection with high water in the Meuse, both in German and in Dutch.

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Water hoses are used to carry water away from a house in Voerendaal, a village near Heerlen.

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Governor Johan Remkes encourages the Limburgers.

"A lot of people are busy at the moment. Fire brigade, municipality, security region and of course the water board. Know that we support you and do everything possible to prevent the misery as much as possible."


Many Limburgers are currently dealing with significant flooding.

Governor Johan Remkes wants to encourage them with this message.


AuthorProvince of LimburgMoment of places15:15 - 14 July 2021

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Forecast today and tomorrow: Today and tomorrow, especially in the (south) east, heavy rain showers from time to time, locally with thunderstorms and flooding.

Elsewhere mostly dry.



Author KNMIMoment of places14:00 - 14 July 2021

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Call for GGD: 'Avoid polluted rainwater'

The GGD South Limburg advises residents to avoid polluted rainwater as much as possible.

"Because there is an extreme amount of rain in a short period of time, the sewage system cannot drain the rainwater immediately and the risk of water pollution increases. People who come into contact with the polluted rainwater have an increased risk of health problems such as diarrhoea, vomiting and sore throat." warns the GGD.

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Streets are empty after heavy rain in Limburg

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In several places in Limburg the water flows over the streets, such as here in Simpelveld, south of Heerlen.


#Simpelveld center #codeorange #limburg #water #water nuisance


AuthorSportsfan LucMoment of places14: 46 - July 14, 2021

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The water also runs into the houses and causes the necessary damage there.

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Due to the heavy rainfall in Limburg, the A79 near Heerlen was already flooded yesterday.

The highway is still flooded today and part of it has been closed off.

The KNMI previously issued code orange because of the heavy rainfall.

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