The son of Chinese Guo Gangtang disappeared 24 years ago in front of a home in Shandong Province.

The events inspired a 2015 film starring Hong Kong film star Andy Lau.

Now the boy has finally been found, the BBC reported.

The boy had once been abducted and sold on.

Guo had traveled more than 500,000 miles on his motorcycle around China in search of his son, who disappeared in 1997.

During his travels, Guo was involved in traffic accidents and even fell victim to highway robbers.

Ten motorcycles were damaged.

Guo used all his savings to find his son.

He also helped at least seven parents find their own abducted children.

According to the Chinese state newspaper Global Times, the boy was eventually found in Henan and police used DNA samples to confirm that the boy was indeed Guon.

They met last weekend.

- He's doing well.

God treated me fairly, Guo said.

- Now that the child has been found, everyone can be happy from now on.

Two people have been arrested for kidnapping Guo's son.

It is about a man and a woman who were dating at the time of the abduction.

The motive is believed to have been money.

The story of Guo Gangtang and his son ended up on the big screen in 2015. In English, the film is called Lost and Love.

Pictured left are movie star Andy Lau.

Photo: Zumapress / MVPhotos