The substantive treatment of the lawsuit against two suspects in the murder of Derk Wiersum begins today.

The lawyer was shot dead in front of his house in Amsterdam on September 18, 2019.

What do you need to know to follow the process?

A total of five days have been scheduled for the trial.

The first two days are intended for the so-called fact-finding.

The court presents parts of the police investigation to the suspects and asks them questions about it.

Suspects do not have to answer this and can invoke their right to remain silent.

On Wednesday there is room for the right to speak and the Public Prosecution Service (OM) will issue a sentence.

On Monday 19 July it will be the turn of the defense.

On the fifth day, the parties can respond to each other's defense and the date of the decision will also be announced.

Who are the accused on trial?

It concerns Gërmo B. (37) and Moreno B. (32), who are not related to each other.

The OM assumes that Gërmo is the driver of the white Opel Combo that was used to keep an eye on Wiersum and served as a getaway car on the day of the murder.

Moreno is seen as the shooter.

DNA from both men was found in a vehicle used to monitor Wiersum and in the Opel Combo.

A blood trail from Wiersum was also found in that Opel, which, according to justice, must have been transferred by the shooter.

Moreno's lawyer, Gerald Roethof, points out that his client cannot be the shooter because it does not match the shooter's composite drawing made from witness statements.

Giermo's counsel, Jacques Taekema, says his client did indeed use the Opel Combo, but not on the day of the murder.


Police share new images of getaway car shooter Derk Wiersum

But there was also a third suspect, right?

That's right: Anouar T., the cousin of Ridouan T., prime suspect in the Marengo trial.

According to the OM, Anouar delivered the stolen cars that were used to keep an eye on Wiersum.

According to justice, Anouar knew that the vehicles would be used to follow Wiersum in order to eventually liquidate him.

Anouar would therefore be an accomplice, but the court finds that there is too little evidence that he knew what the cars were used for.

Anouar has admitted that he delivered stolen cars, but that is not enough reason to prosecute him for the murder of Wiersum.

Then there is also a fourth suspect, Sezer B. This man is said to have been monitoring Wiersum's office in Amsterdam.

The police are looking for him.


Who was the liquidated lawyer Derk Wiersum?

What is the role of Ridouan T.?

The Public Prosecution Service considers Ridouan T. to be the principal for the murder, but has insufficient evidence to prosecute him.

Justice says that, as soon as they have sufficient evidence, they will prosecute Ridouan for the murder.

At the moment that is not the case.

The murder of Wiersum is therefore not part of the Marengo trial, in which T. is on trial.

With the presumed role of 43-year-old T. from Vianen, the motive for the murder is also immediately clear.

It seems that Wiersum was shot dead because he acted as a lawyer for the key witness in the Marengo trial, Nabil B.

The liquidation therefore fits in with the murder of Nabil's innocent brother, Reduan B., and the attack on the confidential adviser of the key witness, crime journalist Peter R. de Vries.

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