Anyone wishing to visit a public space such as a bar, restaurant or shopping center in France from 1 August is obliged to hand over a corona certificate.

French President Emmanuel Macron announced this in a televised speech on Monday evening.

With the so-called health pass, people can demonstrate that they have been fully vaccinated, tested negative or have recently recovered from corona.

The pass is also required to travel by train or plane.

Holidaymakers from the Netherlands, for example, who are not fully vaccinated, must therefore be tested every two days if they want to visit French restaurants and bars after 1 August.

The pass is already required from 21 July for, among other things, theme parks, cultural institutions and events with more than fifty people.

With the pass, the government wants to reduce the new wave of infections caused by the delta variant.

A PCR test will no longer be free for tourists in France from 21 July.

In this way, the French government wants to encourage as many people as possible to get vaccinated.

Vaccination mandatory for healthcare workers from mid-September

Macron also announced on Monday evening that French healthcare workers and other people who come into contact with risk groups through their work must be fully vaccinated by September 15.

With the mandatory vaccination, the government is following the advice of the French High Authority of Health (HAS).

The HAS had recommended Saturday to introduce the obligation as soon as possible.

During his speech, Macron also openly questioned whether not all residents of France should receive a mandatory corona vaccination.