Intensive care doctor Diederik Gommers believes that outgoing Prime Minister Mark Rutte and healthcare minister Hugo de Jonge should have apologized for the corona policy during the press conference on Friday evening.

"I do not understand why Rutte and De Jonge did not just say sorry at the press conference," Gommers writes on Instagram on Sunday.

Behavioral scientist Reint Jan Renes also found Friday's press conference remarkable, the expert told

Nieuwsuur on



Renes believes, among other things, that the cabinet could have done more with self-reflection.

"The 'Sorry, that was not all very useful, we are all going to tackle it again' they can actually say that. That is really necessary."

According to Gommers, it was logical that the large number of corona infections after the relaxations were not predicted in the RIVM models.

"Our 'old' behavior was not taken into account as a result of much too positive statements by the cabinet and the access tests that were not in order."

The IC doctor cannot yet say with certainty whether we should be concerned about a 'fourth wave' of corona infections. "At the moment we just don't know that," writes Gommers. What is clear is that the relaxations have been thought too rosy. "It all seemed so nice at the end of June, because hospital and IC admissions with COVID-19 patients fell like a spear. That was also always the yardstick for any relaxation. There were warnings from England about the delta variant, but we were hoping we were a little further along with our full vaccinations."

However, the delta variant spreads much more easily and unvaccinated people are more susceptible and get sicker, says Gommers. The doctor emphasizes that with a more aggressive virus you need fewer people to let the ICs overflow again. "Instead of 12 million adults in 2020, there will now be 3 million unvaccinated in the fall of 2021. You only need a thousand seriously ill patients to have the ICUs overflow again. Hopefully we can get there in time but it is clearly less turned positive."