Former U.S. President Donald Trump announced Wednesday that he will sue the social media lawyers you left on Twitter, Facebook and Google, as well as their CEOs.

According to Reuters, Trump justified the lawsuit on the grounds that companies seek to silence conservative views in their services.

Trump said he has already filed a lawsuit in federal court in Florida.

He said he was seeking to obtain the status of a class action lawsuit, but did not specify who others might be involved in the lawsuit.

According to NPR, Trump also said he felt he had been censored on company platforms on the wrong grounds.

“We demand an end to the shadow donation, silencing, blacklisting, deportation and cancel culture that you know so well,” Trump said at a news conference at his golf club in New Jersey on Wednesday.

Twitter and Facebook removed Trump’s accounts from their services after hundreds of his supporters invaded Congress in Epiphany in Washington.

According to the companies, this was due to concerns that Trump would incite more violence on his accounts.

Currently, Trump does not have a social media channel that would reach audiences as large as the channels offered by Facebook and Twitter.

Despite this, he has continued to make false claims about the 2020 presidential election, which was won by Democrat Joe Biden.