One in ten employees wants to work fully in the office again as soon as they can.

A higher proportion of 70 percent opt ​​for a combination of working from home and on location, while working from home is also more popular than a full-time return to the office at 20 percent.

This emerged on Tuesday from a survey by trade union FNV among about five thousand members, mainly working in the financial sector, business services and government agencies.

FNV members are more positive about working from home than a year ago, when the union conducted a similar survey.

Eight in ten of them are now satisfied with working from home, compared to 66 percent last August.

One in three FNV members indicate that they have no say in the location where they work.

63 percent want better employee participation to be laid down in law.

D66 and GroenLinks previously argued for a law that gives employees the right to work both at home and in the office.

FNV vice-chairman Kitty Jong is also in favor of a stronger position from the employee's point of view.

"Our members speak out clearly about this and indicate that they are more productive at home."

As soon as it is enshrined in law, the union wants to make agreements with employers "in which balancing of interests can be made".

"And not like now that only employers determine," says Jong.

The return to office gained momentum on June 26.

At that time, the government advice on working from home was largely discontinued.

Employees are now allowed to work in the office up to half of the time as long as they can be 1.5 meters away.