Juho Eerola, Vice-Chairman of Basic Finns, says that Jussi Halla-aho announced his decision to resign from the presidency last winter in a joint message addressed to the party presidency and the parliamentary group presidency.

- He insisted that the decision should not be appealed.

Halla-aho did not justify in his message why he did not want to continue.

Eerola says that she is not terribly surprised, but she is disappointed.

- Annoying, of course I would have liked him to continue.

Eerola says that Halla-aho has announced from the beginning that the presidency will not be a long project for him.

- He said that when I lured him in as chairman.

After all, it’s healthy in itself that one “Kim” doesn’t lead all the time.

Eerola says he will consider pursuing the presidency at the Seinäjoki party convention in August.

- It is affected by who else is nominated, but I am sure I am seeking a vice-presidency.

- I was there for four years under Timo Soini and four years under Jussi, and I will be during the next presidency.