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More and more people in their twenties can schedule an injection

Thursday it was the turn of the people from 1999 to schedule a prick appointment.

Many people in their twenties reacted enthusiastically in the reader reactions and were happy that the end of the corona crisis is finally in sight.

Reader Fos wanted to thank the younger generation for its efforts.

"As an 'older' (45) I want to indicate that I am certainly aware of what it has asked of your generation. I have children in primary and secondary education myself, they have also sat at home a lot and were disappointed. However, this was manageable. "

"Especially the twenty-somethings, the time of adventure, a lot of activity and going out, have really seen their lives come to a standstill full on the brakes. Study, side job, relationships, friends and parties, travel, festivals, internship, exchange et cetera, the is for many such a time that a lot is possible and a lot to discover, but suddenly not in the past year and a half."

"Great respect for how far most have picked this up, don't be fooled by a few excesses in the media, we have a bad image of your entire age group! Hats off to you, and I wish you all the best for any lost time to get!"

End in sight for the mouth cap obligation

The outgoing cabinet announced on Wednesday that it plans to end the mask obligation on Saturday and to lift the advice to work from home.

Although a lot of criticism was expressed at NUj about this proposal, the reactions were generally positive.

Adrian_S in particular sees the disappearance of the mask obligation as a symbol for something bigger.

"I think it is very good that this measure disappears. Some people have no problem with it, others do. You cannot judge the other person what he or she thinks about it."

"I especially like that the rule is being abolished because the mouth cap stands for something bigger for me. A time that was very difficult for many people. A warning to avoid each other. For me personally it stands for a dehumanization of society You would like to see the expression of the other and be able to approach each other with a smile again."

"So this is my personal opinion. Others may experience it very differently, but I think the abolition of the mouth cap is the biggest sign that we are on the right track to the old normal in terms of interpersonal contacts. people, for whom the lockdown and the distance was a wonderfully quiet time without too many incentives."

Eriksen gets internal defibrillator after heart problems

Christian Eriksen, the Danish footballer who suffered a cardiac arrest during the European Championship match against Finland last week, will receive an implantable cardioverter-defibrillator (ICD).

Eriksen received a lot of support from the NUjij responders, including Hanneke_H, who also has an icd herself.

"I've had an ICD for 22 years as a result of severe ventricular arrhythmias that can be life-threatening. I also had a blow about eight times, but I still do everything else. I swim, cycle, and do my housework and everything that someone else does. also does, albeit at my own pace. So it is good to live with; we are actually better off with an ICD than someone without, because we intervene immediately if necessary."

"What was very important to me was the decision not to hide in a corner. I refuse to be 'sick', that also makes a difference. Eriksen, I wish you all the best! comes out on top!"

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