The search for the missing construction workers in Antwerp, Belgium, continues all night.

Earlier in the day, a scaffolding collapsed part of a school under construction.

At least one was killed and 20 people injured.

Five people are still missing.

"The rescue work is still going on. The containers with rubble are driving back and forth. Our teams, the contractor and civil defense are still searching all night. The area is still closed by the police," the Antwerp fire brigade reported on Twitter. .

According to local media, four Portuguese employees of a construction company are among the missing.

They were reportedly on the scaffolding when the building collapsed.


Gazet van Antwerpen

writes that according to the first information it seems that the top floor of the new building has partly come down, but how that could have happened is still unclear.

The newspaper reports that at least eight people were seriously injured.

It probably mainly concerns construction workers who were working in the building.

The emergency services must be careful when searching for victims, because the building is still very unstable.

Rescue dogs are also being used to track down buried people.


Dozens of people buried under rubble after the collapse of the Antwerp position

Neighbors heard screams

A local resident who works at a hospital said she heard a lot of screaming.

"I went downstairs in my pajamas to help," she told the Gazet.

According to the woman, the fire service took the injured to a field between the buildings.

Later, Minister of the Interior Annelies Verlinden also visited the disaster site.

She spoke of a "terrible drama" and expressed condolences to victims and their loved ones.

"I am also here to support the emergency services during the difficult search that will take hours."

The Belgian king Filip called mayor Bart De Wever of Antwerp on Friday evening.

He expressed his condolences to the victims and their families, wished the injured a speedy recovery and thanked the emergency services for their work.

#update #collapse In the meantime, the contractor has started carefully cleaning up the rubble, assisted by specialized material from @CivilSecurityBe and by our fire brigade colleagues for the manual work.

The rescue dogs will also remain on site for the time being.


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