Thanks to the win over Austria, it is certain that the Dutch national team will play the eighth final in Budapest on June 27.

Orange fans can also attend that match, but the corona virus is not over yet.

Here's what you need to know about traveling to Hungary.

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Hungary is currently color coded yellow ("Caution, security risks").

Usually such a yellow travel advice means that tourist trips are possible, but that is not the case with Hungary.

The country has imposed strict restrictions on people traveling.

They are only allowed to enter the country if, for example, they are traveling for business or studying in the country.

The country has made a notable exception to the travel restrictions for people in possession of a valid ticket to a European Championship match.

This is the corona situation in Hungary:

  • About 5.4 million people in the 9.7 million inhabitants have now been vaccinated.

    Of these, 4.3 million have already received a second dose of the vaccine.

  • When the 5 millionth vaccination was put in place, most of the measures were dropped.

    However, it is still mandatory to wear a mouth cap in shops and public transport, for example.

  • In Hungary, the Indian variant, also called the delta variant, is dominant.

  • In June, between 100 and 200 positive tests per day were reported.

    In comparison: in March this was more than 9,000 per day.

If you have an admission ticket, you will only enter the country if you can show a recent negative corona test.

That corona test may not be taken more than three days before departure.

In addition, you must also agree that you can undergo a medical examination, according to the website of the Hungarian police.

Traveling with an Orange fan without having a valid European Championship ticket is therefore not possible.

It is also not yet known whether Orange fans must be vaccinated to be able to attend the game.

That condition was set in the previous match between Hungary and Portugal.

Then there were more than 50,000 spectators in the sold-out Puskás Aréna.

At the moment, Orange fans do not have to quarantine when they return to the Netherlands, nor do they have to hand over a negative corona test.

This is because the corona situation in Hungary does not (as yet) give rise to this, according to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

It is not yet clear when the tickets for the European Championship match will go on sale.

The KNVB announced on Thursday that there will probably only be more clarity about this after Monday, when the Netherlands plays its third game against North Macedonia.

There is also nothing to say about the number of tickets that will become available for Dutch fans.


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