Helsinki's Mannerheimintie is still across as the environmental movement's demonstration continues, STT's on-site reporter said after six in the evening.

The road is across Arkadiankatu in both directions, and traffic has been diverted to the detour so far, police said on Twitter earlier in the day.

The tram passed through the demonstration for a moment, but that too was diverted a little after one in the afternoon to the emergency route.

- It is visually estimated that about 150–200 people are on Mannerheimintie and on its side, near the Small Parliament, Chief Commissioner Jarkko Lehtinen told STT after the start of the demonstration.

The chief commissioner says police have negotiated with protesters and made peaceful progress.

- I have advised them to demonstrate in a way that remains reasonable in relation to the rights and concerns of other citizens.

However, if it is necessary to be on the road, then the demonstration would take place in such a way that the necessary traffic can be directed forward within a reasonable time.

By this I mean that there are people who need to get to the hospital and those who leave work need to be able to get children for treatment, Chief Commissioner Lehtinen said.

Later in the afternoon, Lehtinen said on Twitter that the traffic has been moderate and the demonstration has proceeded safely.

- The traffic control currently chosen by the police as a priority is one that strikes a balance between the rights of protesters and others moving in the area, says Lehtinen.

Protesters prepared to go to the tube

Protesters in the environmental movement Elokapina have been allowed to continue their protest in peace while police have kept their distance and monitored traffic.

Protesters say the protest will continue until the evening.

However, the protesters are mentally prepared to even go down the tube if the protest, which has been peaceful so far, were later dismantled by the police, protester Elsi Sloan, 21, told STT.

"We'll go to the pipe if the system decides so," Sloan said.

In its press release, Elokapina says that in its protest, it demands that the Finnish government stop heating the climate as soon as possible.

In addition, the movement demands that the government inform the Finns about the seriousness of the climate crisis.

The August Rebellion received attention last October with a similar protest when protesters shut down Kaisaniemenkatu from traffic.

At the time, protesters disobeyed police orders to leave.

Eventually, police sprayed the protesters with pepper spray when it said other means did not help disperse the protest.

Since last October, the August Rebellion has carried out numerous protests in several cities across Finland.