The Public Prosecution Service (OM) had been in possession of the images of the murdered Martin Kok that were found on the telephone of key witness Nabil B. for much longer.

This is apparent from an email to all parties to the proceedings that is in the hands of

The question is whether the video will affect the agreement with the key witness in the Marengo trial against main suspect Ridouan T.

The images immediately raised questions for the lawyers of the suspects in the Marengo trial, because B. may have known more about Kok's murder than is known up to now.

The Public Prosecution Service has agreed not to prosecute the crown witness for that liquidation, because his share would be too small.

However, Kok's images were not included in that decision.

It is unclear whether the images prove that B. had a greater involvement in Kok's murder.

But even if that is the case, it will be difficult to prosecute him because of the agreements.

The decision on this rests with the judiciary.

The existence of the video was recently made clear at a hearing.

The Public Prosecution Service said that the images had surfaced thanks to "advancing technology".

That wasn't right.

In fact, the content of the phone was viewed by the Marengo investigation team in October 2018, but the video was not "recognized" then, says the Public Prosecution Service in the email, which was sent a day after the hearing.

The word recognized usually means that you do not recognize the importance of something.

But it is unclear why nothing was done with the images at the time.

The Public Prosecution Service does not want to comment on that.

Images taken just before Kok's death

The images of 47-year-old Kok were made secretly, just before his death, when the man spent the night of 25 to 26 November 2016 in a Rotterdam nightlife.

An investigation has shown that the video was also viewed with B's device at the time.

Kok was eventually shot dead on December 8, 2016 in Laren.

The OM thinks that Ridouan T. was the client for the murder of the born Edam.

Motive: the stories about the main suspect on


, Kok's website.

T. would also be behind the failed attempt on Kok's life in July 2016.

Reconstruction with the type of bomb that was under Martin Kok's car.

Reconstruction with the type of bomb that was under Martin Kok's car.

Photo: Police

Looked again at phone content in February

The investigation into who made the images started at the beginning of last year.

On February 14, the Public Prosecution Service decided to look again at the contents of telephone B. and "it was found that there was a video of Martin Kok on it".

Initially, the investigation yielded nothing, but after a new attempt in October 2020, the police concluded that the images came from the device that would be used by suspect Mohamed R. It is not clear whether the video was also made with that phone. created or just forwarded.

The Public Prosecution Service is still investigating telephones of R.

It was also unsuccessfully checked whether the other chat content of WhatsApp, with which the video was sent, could be traced on B.'s phone.

This is stated in the official report of findings, which is also in the possession of

Images seem to have been seen as early as 2017

It is striking that the aforementioned official report also states that the telephone was seized by the police in 2017 after the arrest of the key witness and that a short film was found in which an officer recognizes Kok.

It is not said when that video was seen exactly, but the official report states twice that the data on the phone was secured in 2017.

The phone was then handed over to the Marengo investigation team.

Yet the key witness has never been questioned about this.

B. himself has never stated anything about this.

He did say that he knew that after the failed attack on Kok in July 2016, plans were again made to blow up the crime blogger.

On the day of Kok's liquidation, it was B. who had a license plate checked of a car that the victim was driving.

The key witness says he did not know that questioning the license plate was intended to kill Kok.

When asked whether the images of Kok were already seen in 2017, the Public Prosecution Service does not want to comment, but does say that if this is the case, "that does not rule out that the video was not recognized by the investigation team in 2018."

The intention to hear R. and the key witness about the video has still not happened for unknown reasons.

The Marengo trial will resume on Monday.

It is not clear when the above issue will be discussed, but the defense can submit new research requests on June 29.

Peter Schouten, B.'s lawyer, says in a response: "My colleague Onno de Jong and I only talk about official reports during the session and not with the media," said Schouten.

"That also applies to this official report from the Public Prosecution Service."

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