German Central Defender Antonio Rüdiger became the topic of the French-German European Championship summit on Tuesday night - for a sad reason.

The television slowdown testified how Rüdiger tried to provoke French midfielder Paul Pogba at the end of the opening season.

Rüdiger, who came from behind Pogba's skin, first glared at Pogba's upper back with his teeth and then squeezed his chest hard.

Pogba screamed and sank twice in pain.

He is complaining to the referee asking for the referee Carlos Del Cerro Grande, but this one apparently had not seen Rüdiger's trick.

- Wow!

Did this really go unnoticed by the jury.

It must be a little bite in the spirit of Luis Suarez, if I hadn't misinterpreted that live image from Antonio Rüdiger.

What a special situation, Toni Saukkola, who explained Yle to the match, said.

Uruguay striker Luis Suarez has been caught beating an opponent three times in his career.

The best-known incident occurred at the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, when Suarez bitten Italian Giorgio Chiellini.

Suarez was passed home from the races and he was banned for a long time.

The F-block match between France and Germany is 1-0 after the opening period.

German topper Mats Hummels scored his own goal in the 20th minute of the game.