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Welcome to this European Championship live blog on NU.nl.

My name is Willem Haak and I will keep you informed of all developments around the European Championship.

  • June 15:

  • Past:

  • Hungary-Portugal 


  • France-Germany


in 2 days


France beat Germany 1-0 with an own goal from Mats Hummels.

With this, Deschamps' team is hitting an important blow in the group of death of this European Championship.

in 2 days

90+6 'Suddenly there seems to be some space, but Volland's cross is much too hard.

France will win the first cracker of this European Championship against Germany.

in 2 days

90+5 'It simply doesn't seem to be in it for Germany.

France plays the game expertly.

in 2 days

90+4 'Rabiot makes way for Dembele.

in 2 days

90+3 'Time is ticking, but Germany is still not creating any chances.

The hole in the French wall has still not been found.

in 2 days

in 2 days

Karim Benzema's disallowed goal.

in 2 days

90 'We get no less than six minutes of extra time.

Meanwhile, Rabiot is injured on the ground.

So we will continue a little longer.

in 2 days

89 'Benzema just thought he could score.

Now he is being replaced.

Tolisso relieves him.

Germany also makes two changes: Volland and Can come in for Gosens and Ginter.

in 2 days




Again not.

Mbappé rushes away and lays down well, but is offside again a little earlier.

in 2 days

84 'The final offensive of Germany is not really getting off the ground yet.

The French are defending well.

The pace with the Germans is still too low, so there are no chances.

in 2 days

in 2 days

in 2 days

77 'Mbappé is almost through after a lightning-fast sprint, but he is stopped in the nick of time by Hummels - who compensates for his slowness with a fantastic tackle.

There France's counterplan almost worked.

in 2 days

74 'Fresh manpower on the side of Germany.

Gnabry and Havertz make way for Sané and Werner.

Is this the start of the final offensive?

in 2 days

72 'Germany attacks, but has been using too low a pace throughout the game.

It is not surprising that the knitting results in few opportunities.

France, meanwhile, continues what it has been doing since the goal.

It defends and waits for the counterattack.

in 2 days

67 'France thinks to score after Mbappé curls the ball very cleverly into the far corner, but the goal is disallowed.

He was offside.

It does mean a warning for the German defense.

They cannot lose sight of the French attackers for a moment.

in 2 days

in 2 days

in 2 days

58 'Germany increases the pressure slightly.

France holds the ball harder and comes out less and less often.

in 2 days

57 'France-Germany is also a wonderful match in the second half.

It's a fast-paced game, lots of chances and - above all - fantastic players.

in 2 days

in 2 days

54 'And there Germany shows itself for the first time in the second half.

Gnabry completes, after which the ball narrows with a bounce.

Lloris had had no chance.

in 2 days

in 2 days

52' Huge opportunity for Rabiot!

The French midfielder has to give in, but goes for his own glory and hits the outside of the post.

A stupid decision, because Griezmann was completely free in front of the goal.

France late after doubling the lead.

in 2 days

50 'We see the same picture as in the first half.

Germany attacks and tries to prepare each attack calmly.

France plays a little more dynamically and uses a higher tempo.

in 2 days

46' The ball rolls!

We started the second half with the same 22 players.

in 2 days

A paratrooper almost crashed into the crowd before the kick-off of the European Championship match between France and Germany.

It was an activist from Greenpeace.

Paratrooper almost crashes into public during France-Germany

in 2 days


We're going to rest in the Allianz Arena.

France is the better team and is leading 1-0 against Germany in the first real cracker of this European Championship.

in 2 days

in 2 days

45 'We get a minute of extra time.

in 2 days

45 'France has done well defensively.

Germany has not yet created any real opportunities.

in one day

in one day

40 'Kimmich and referee Del Cerro Grande will not be friends tonight.

The Spanish referee has already thrown the midfielder on the receipt.

Now he whistles a doubtful case against the German.

The audience is excited.

Kimmich, meanwhile, is warned and has to watch out for a second yellow card.

in one day

38' Chance Germany!

Gnabry finds Gündogan, but the midfielder hits the ball wrong and slides wide from edge 16.

It remains 1-0 for France.

in one day

34 'It's fun in the Allianz Arena.

The race is finished in a hurry.

One minute Germany has the ball.

The next moment France counterattacks and combines their way to Neuer's goal.

in one day

3 - In what is only the 12th game at EURO 2020, the tournament has seen three own goals scored (Merih Demiral, Wojciech Szczesny and Mats Hummels), already the joint-most at any European Championships tournament (also three at EURO 2016).




AuthorOptaJoeMoment of places19: 23 - 15 June 2021

in one day

27 'Immediately after France's goal, Germany tries to get up.

Löw's team takes the initiative.

A free kick by Kroos goes wide.

in one day




Paul Pogba beautifully spoons the ball to Hernández.

The left back leads, after which Hummels works the ball into his own goal.

It's an unfortunate own goal.

France is well deserved.

in one day

17 'There we see Mbappé for the first time.

The French attacker comes in from the left and lashes out.

His shot is blocked by Neuer.

It happens a minute after Pogba heads over from a corner.

in one day

10 'The French attack machine is not yet up to speed.

Benzema, Mbappé and Griezmann seem to have to get used to each other.

in one day

9 'Just before kick-off, a Greenpeace paratrooper landed on the field.

He was quickly taken away by security.

in one day

7 'Kimmich is too late and immediately receives a yellow card.

It's clear that referee Del Cerro Grande wants to keep it short tonight.

in one day

3 'Germany starts the match dominantly and France immediately pushes back a bit.

It results in a header from Mats Hummels.

His attempt goes far.

in one day

1 'Germany kicks off.

We have started the first absolute cracker of this European Championship!

in one day

in one day

Done with the historical facts.

It's time for tonight's game.

The players of France and Germany take to the field for the national anthems.

in one day

The fact that France and Germany both have a fantastic team is underlined by the fun fact that in the past ten Champions League finals there has been a player on the field who is also in the starting lineup tonight.

It will surely be enjoyable in a moment.

in one day

France and Germany have met five times since meeting at the 2014 World Cup.

The French won three times.

It was right twice.

It is therefore time for Germany to once again fight against the French angstgegner.

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