The executive committee of the House of Representatives and in particular chairman Vera Bergkamp must take measures to better protect women who work at the Binnenhof.

Seventeen organizations write this on Tuesday in response to the alleged sexual abuse by PVV MP Dion Graus in a letter to the President of the House.

According to the organizations, the board can "no longer hide behind the argument that there is no employer-employee relationship between the House and individual group employees who have become victims of transgressive behaviour".


reported two weeks ago that another party employee of the PVV reported sexual misconduct by Graus.

Bergkamp said that "neither they nor the Presidium have the tools to investigate MPs or to take measures in such situations".

Groups are responsible for their members themselves.

This can cause problems if the group does not take action, for example out of fear that a MP will keep his or her seat and split off if a conflict arises.

The organisations, including Bureau Clara Wichmann, trade union FNV and the Dutch Women's Council, are fierce in the letter to Bergkamp about "facts that took place under your roof and the reports that the victims, among other things, due to the lack of action by the Presidium as such deterred from reporting, reporting or filing a complaint”.

According to the clubs, "there is no policy" to really do something against people who cross the line.

Organizations call for a 'zero tolerance climate'

Specifically, the executive board must create a "zero tolerance climate" for "sexist behaviour, psychological and sexual harassment and gender-based violence in parliament", according to the organizations.

It is also necessary to investigate how often this type of behavior occurs.

Make sure victims can find their way to aid and advisory bodies, encourage parties to establish codes of conduct and end impunity for perpetrators by introducing and applying disciplinary sanctions.