The pressures are in Russia.

That is for sure, and also the consequences that come with it.

The Finnish national football team is preparing to meet Russia, a familiar pedant, in a vital European Championship match.

Even the dramatic, incredible and traumatic Denmark match is already firmly in the rearview mirror.

Now in front of it is an angry bear named Russia.

The loss of the host team to Belgium was not in itself a shock.

The hosts, on the other hand, were certainly shocked by the way the loss came, as well as, of course, the readings: a 0-3 tar in front of the home crowd.

This cannot but affect Wednesday’s match.

- It is certain that the unbridled crease is coming right at the beginning.

We have to be cold enough to get through it and create our own places, coach Markku Kanerva estimated at the pre-match press conference.

According to Kanerva, the grouping of the Russian team and the start of the match are puzzles, but on the other hand, the Finnish team is prepared by going through numerous different possibilities during the meetings.

Kanerva, of course, declined to say if there were any changes to his team’s player selections or grouping.

But Russia may force them.

- There were a lot of things at work in our game against Denmark.

We need to be able to react quickly within the game.

Denmark pressed well against us, and Russia will certainly do the same.

We have emphasized that the basics must work.

At the same time, Kanerva set high expectations for his own players.

It can not only be a jointly agreed game plan, but also always measuring how far the skills of individuals carry them.

Is the quality of the passes adequate, is the movement smart, can you turn away from the pressure with the ball and play the game equipment on your own?

Not everything can be drawn in a meeting room - and Russia will test the level of Finnish individuals in real life.

Russia's big striker Artyom Dzuba is his own challenge to Finland's defense.

The almost two-meter colossus is a unique threat to Finland's back lines in these competitions.

- The premise is that the defense of your box must work well.

Juba is the number one destination.

We’ve been thinking about how when Russia opens up a long way, how could we double him and prevent the ball from getting in the front.

Probably under the toughest pressure is Kanerva's colleague in the second exchange booth, ie Russian coach Stanislav Tshertshesov.

The ugly defeat for Belgium has got fans and the media in Russia on its hind legs.

Finland has always had to be a mouthful for Russia, but now victory is really even more important.

- I personally calculated that Belgium will probably beat Russia, but Russia may have had high expectations.

What the game then looked like may have caused criticism.

However, the coach is experienced, and has had to work under pressure in the past, Kanerva continued.

Now it is Finland's job to put even more pressure on the necks of Tshertshesov and Russia.

- It's not an easy situation for them. How the game in Belgium affects the game (against Finland), and they, too, have basically budgeted that three points be taken from Finland. That way, their setup doesn’t change significantly, but they certainly weren’t happy with their previous game performance and look, it puts pressure on them. The irritated team comes up. Hopefully we will be able to shock them right from the start, when the pressure increases, Kanerva planned.