Filming of Sisu, directed and written by Jalmari Helander and produced by Petri Jokiranta, will begin in September in Lapland.

Starring Jorma Tommila, the star of Helander's Rare Exports, and Paul Anderson, the British, who is familiar with the Oscar-winning film The Revenant and the TV series Peaky Blinders.

According to the press release, Sisu is a nerve-wracking action film about World War II, in which one man fights a Nazi extermination patrol in the Lapland wilderness.

- I have had a dream since the age of 10 to make an explosive action film in Finland.

Finally, I am in a situation where I can realize my dream and direct an epic survival story set in Lapland ravaged by World War II, Jalmari Helander says in a press release.

Paul Anderson is familiar with many blockbusters.

Photo: James Shaw

Paul Anderson is known for his role as Arthur Shelby in the hit series Peaky Blinders.

He has also starred in roles in The Revenant, Hostiles, In The Heart Of The Sea and ’71.

Anderson has just finished filming the Nightmare Alley, directed by Guillermo Del Toro, starring Cate Blanchett, Bradley Cooper and Rooney Mara as co-stars.

Sisu will premiere in 2022.

Jussi-winning Jorma Tommila has appeared in several films, such as Bad Luck Love, Raid, Stranger, Vares - Private Detective, Inseparable, and Harjunpää and the Evil Priest.

Photo: Ida Helander-Tommila

In the film, deep in the wilderness of Lapland, Aatami Korpi (Jorma Tommila) is looking for gold.

From time to time, the overflight of bombers and the distant sounds of war are heard in bright autumn.

Finally, the hard work is rewarded and the gold dust in the brass school grows into gold chunks, Adam sets out to take his gold treasure to the nearest city.

When thirty spiritual Nazi destruction patrols led by SS Obersturmführer Bruno Helldorf (Paul Anderson) rumble against Adam, a breathtaking and golden-hungry chase begins through the destroyed and mined Lapland wilderness.

MTV Oy is responsible for the film's TV screenings, and the film will also be seen on the C More live stream service.