The players of the Danish European Championship team spoke to the media for the first time on Monday after the heart attack suffered by the team's star player Christian Eriksen.

Eriksen shortened to the field on Saturday in a match against Finland.

Martin Braithwaite, Kasper Schmeichel and Pierre-Emile Höjbjerg stepped in front of the media.

According to Ekstrabladet, Barcelona striker Braithwaite was moved to tears when talking about the nightmare of the past few days.

He said the decision to continue the game after Eriksen's illness was very difficult.

The European Football Association (Uefa) gave Denmark two options: the match would be resumed at lunchtime on the same evening or Sunday.

The team chose the first.

- We chose the least bad option.

There were many players among us who were not fit to play.

We were told the decision had to be made, Braithwaite said.

Schmeichel, the goalkeeper and one of the team's star players, took a steeper stance.

He clearly criticized Uefa in his statement.

- I think we were put in a situation we shouldn't have.

Someone at the top should have outlined that now is not the time to make such a decision, but we will wait until Sunday and only then, he said, according to BT, hoping that players will not find themselves in a similar situation in the future.

As early as Sunday, Danish head coach Kasper Hjulmland stated that the decision to continue the game on Saturday was wrong.

The team was understandably not at its best, and Finland took the score with a header from Joel Pohjanpalo.

The Finnish hero commented on the turbulent decision immediately after the match in Yle's TV interview.

- Both teams decided together that we want to play.

Eriksen himself had stated that he wanted us to play.

We respected his decision, Pohjanpalo said.

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Höjbjerg had a chance to equalize the penalty from a penalty kick, but he fired a loose bet that Lukas Hradeckyn fouled without gesture.

Höjbjerg did not explain his mocha on Monday: he said the reason for the failure was purely technical.

- Would I do it again if I could?

Yes, but I would just pull a technically better shot, he said, according to Ekstrabladet.

The Danish European Championships will continue on Thursday with a match against Belgium. Eriksen, who is being monitored at a Copenhagen hospital, is in a stable condition.