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Good evening and welcome to this European Championship live blog on NU.nl.

My name is Jeroen van Barneveld and I will keep you informed of all developments regarding the European Championship football.

  • Panic about collapsed Eriksen

  • Midfielder falls to the ground during Denmark-Finland

  • Taken to hospital after CPR

  • Danish federation: Eriksen is awake

  • Denmark-Finland resumes at 8.30pm

in 3 days

Finland's players are also entering the field and have started the warm-up.

They walk in a row from side to side.

As tough as it is, with Christian Eriksen's good news in mind, they now have to change their minds.

in 3 days

To loud cheers from the spectators, keeper Kasper Schmeichel is the first player in Denmark to enter the field in the Parken stadium.

The goalkeeper looks taken aback.

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The stadium speaker calls out that the players from both Denmark and Finland want to play football and that for that reason the match will be resumed at 8.30 pm.

First, the remaining four minutes of the first half are played, after which there is a five-minute break.

Then the second half is finished.

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in 3 days

After the good news about the health situation about Christian Eriksen, Denmark-Finland will resume in the 43rd minute at 8.30 pm, the Danish Football Association reports on Twitter.

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A moment of silence: the Danish and Finnish spectators chant the name of Christian Eriksen in the stadium.


Parks hyllar Christian Eriksen.

Finska fansen ropar ”Christian”, danska svarar ”Eriksen”.


AuthorMichael WagnerMoment of places17: 46 - June 12, 2021

in 3 days

A statement from UEFA on the continuation of Denmark-Finland is still awaited.

It seems inconceivable that the remainder, about 47 minutes, will be completed tonight, but there is no clarity about that yet.

in 3 days

The stadium speaker in the Parken stadium is now also calling out that Christian Eriksen is awake.

A big cheer goes up from the stands.

in 3 days

Eriksen's agent: 'He breathes and can talk'

Christian Eriksen breathes and can talk, says his agent Martin Schoots on 

NPO Radio 1


"I don't know very much, but I do know the good. I just spoke to his father and he told me that he breathes and can talk. That is the news I have given the circumstances. Everyone is in shock and that makes sense . His girlfriend is with him in the hospital and that's all I know."

in 3 days

in 3 days

A goosebump moment: Finnish fans chant Christian Eriksen's name when it becomes clear that the Danish star player is conscious, after which the Danish spectators take over the volley.

in 3 days

A heartbreaking image: Christian Eriksen's wife stands by the side with tears in her eyes and sees her husband fighting for his life.

It is now clear that Eriksen is conscious.

in 3 days

Meanwhile, the name of Christian Eriksen is chanted by the thousands of people in the Parken stadium.

They sing the Danish national anthem and there is thunderous applause.

The relief seems great now that it becomes clear that Eriksen is conscious.

in 3 days

The hopeful message from the Danish Football Association: Christian Eriksen is conscious and is currently being examined further at the Rigshospitalet in Copenhagen.

Christian Eriksen er vågen og er til yderligere undersøgelser på Rigshospitalet.Kampen er midlertidigt udsat.

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AuthorDBU - En Del Af Noget StørreMoment of places17: 31 - June 12, 2021

in 3 days

As both UEFA and the Danish Federation confirm that Christian Eriksen is conscious and in stable condition, we are sharing the photo circulating on social media.

With his hand on his forehead, the midfielder lies on the stretcher as he is transported to the hospital.

in 3 days

in 3 days

UEFA reports in a short statement that Christian Eriksen has stabilised.

That means he is conscious, as shown in photos.

in 3 days

Christian Eriksen has been taken to the Rigshospitalet in Copenhagen, the speaker in the Parken stadium reports.

According to the Danish 


, he arrived there as a matter of urgency fifteen minutes ago.

More information about the continuation of the match will follow at 7.45 pm, but that is of minor importance at the moment.

in 3 days

The entire football world sympathizes with Christian Eriksen and prays for a good outcome.

Clubs such as FC Barcelona, ​​Manchester United and Chelsea are sharing a statement of support on social media.

in 3 days

A photo is circulating on social media showing Christian Eriksen conscious and raising his hand.

As this image has not yet been verified and its condition is unknown, we are not sharing the photo in this live blog.

in 3 days

His former club Ajax fully sympathizes with Christian Eriksen via Twitter.

Our thoughts and prayers are with Christian ♥️


Author AFC AjaxMoment of places17: 10 - 12 June 2021

in 3 days

in 3 days

Here's what we know about Christian Eriksen right now:

  • Midfielder collapsed on a throw-in in the 43rd minute;

  • He received chest compressions by medical personnel and was CPR on the field for minutes;

  • The Danish players shielded Eriksen during CPR;

  • After ten minutes he was taken off on a stretcher;

  • The match has been stopped

in 3 days

A moment that overshadows this entire European Championship.

No announcements have yet been made about Christian Eriksen's condition.

in 3 days

Denmark-Finland has been shut down, the stadium speaker announces.

Spectators must remain in the stadium pending further announcements.

in 3 days

Christian Eriksen is a player of international stature with a history in the Netherlands.

He played for Ajax from 2009 to 2013 and made a name for himself with his insight into the game, passing and swagger.

In 2013, he left for Tottenham Hotspur, where he also enchanted the English Premier League with his footballing qualities.

From January 2020 he was active for Internazionale.

in 3 days

Finland's players are flabbergasted and look on in amazement in the Parken stadium.

in 3 days

in 3 days

Christian Eriksen is removed from the stadium.

The doctors hold cloths on either side so that no one can see him.

A group of players from Denmark leads the way.

The stadium claps and prays for the playmaker's life.

in 3 days

The Finland players make an impression and look for the dressing room.

It seems unimaginable that football is still being played here in Copenhagen, but that is the last concern at the moment.

How is Christian Eriksen doing?

in 3 days

This is currently the horrific image in the Parken stadium in Copenhagen.

Christian Eriksen is being resuscitated in the corner of the stadium by medical personnel.

in 3 days

At the moment you can hear a pin drop in the Parken stadium in Copenhagen.

Supporters hug each other, cry and pray for a happy ending.

It is still unknown how Eriksen is doing.

He has been resuscitated in the corner of the stadium for five minutes now.

in 3 days

45+3 'Christian Eriksen collapsed at a moment that often occurs in football.

On a throw-in, he tapped the ball back to the taker with his chest.

Then he fell to the ground.

in 3 days

The cameras in Copenhagen switch away from Christian Eriksen.

The doctors are saving the life of the former Ajax and Tottenham Hotspur player here.

in 3 days

45 'In an intermediate shot it can be seen that Christian Eriksen is being resuscitated by rushed doctors.

Denmark's players are praying for a good outcome.

What a horrible moment in Copenhagen.

in 3 days

43 'These are very nasty images in Copenhagen.

Christian Eriksen takes the ball to his chest and then falls motionless to the ground.

There is great panic in the Danish camp.

in 3 days

40 'Martin Braithwaite shows himself again at Denmark.

The angular striker of FC Barcelona curls the ball from the edge of the penalty area meters next to Lukás Hrádecký's goal.

The Danish storm has calmed down a bit.

in 3 days

34 'And again the game is stopped due to an injury treatment.

It is not at all unfriendly at Denmark-Finland, but four Finns have already been treated after an unfortunate moment.

Now Daniel O'Shaughnessy gets the ball hard in his face on a corner from Christian Eriksen and the Finnish doctor has to get back into action.

in 3 days

30 'Ai, that's not a pretty picture in Copenhagen.

The Finn Jere Uronen and his goalkeeper Lukás Hrádecký collide hard with a sharp cross by Joakim Maehle.

Uronen lies motionless on the ground, Hrádecký can continue.

in 3 days

28 'The game is suspended for a while due to an injury treatment for Finnish star player Teemu Pukki, who unintentionally gets an elbow from Andreas Christensen in his face during a duel.

The Danes shoot the ball out.

In any case, there is no lack of sportsmanship among the Danes.

in 3 days

26 'Martin Braithwaite thunders down the left flank like a tgv and there is no Finn who can keep up with the FC Barcelona attacker in the sprint over about 30 meters.

His only problem is that the shutters come down when he gets to the target.

He clumsily shoots his left leg into the side net.

in 3 days

We will probably see moments like this often in this match: the Finnish goalkeeper Lukás Hrádecký who has to save a Danish attempt.

Denmark dictates the game and has Finland by the throat.

When will the home team push through?

in 3 days

18' Phew!

Here Christian Eriksen is close to the opening goal for Denmark that has been in the Danish air for minutes anyway.

The former Ajax player fires the ball from a great distance and the Finnish goalkeeper Lukás Hrádecký has to save again.

How long can this NGO go well for Finland?

in 3 days

15 'Lukás Hrádecký keeps Finland going with a graceful save.

The goalkeeper beautifully taps a header from Pierre-Emile Højbjerg onto the crossbar.

Finland is on the brink of collapse in Copenhagen.

in 3 days

7 'Once again goalkeeper Lukás Hrádecký has to lend a helping hand to Finland.

He saves in the corner on a hard long shot from Jonas Wind.

Denmark is close to a lead against European Championship debutant Finland.

in 3 days

6 'Lukás Hrádecký staggers under the Finnish crossbar.

The goalkeeper does not have the ball directly in his hands twice with a corner kick from Denmark, but it does not lead to a goal from Denmark.

Denmark is off to an excellent start in its own Copenhagen.

in 3 days

4 'There, referee Anthony Taylor already shows the first yellow card of the game. Robin Lod goes on the ticket after four minutes for an awkward tackle on Martin Braithwaite.

in 3 days

Kick off! 

The ball rolls in the Parken stadium in Copenhagen.

Can Denmark grace the start of its European Championship at home with a win over Finland in the Scandinavian get-together?

in 3 days

The teams enter the Parken stadium in Denmark.

We are going to listen to the national anthems.

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