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  • Program June 12

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  • Wales-Switzerland 1-1

  • 6 p.m.:

  • Denmark-Finland (Group B)

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  • Belgium-Russia (Group B)

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Kieffer Moore's beautiful equalizer in the picture.

Switzerland seemed to have everything under control, despite Wales insisting a little more, but now has to start all over again.

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76 'Immediately after Moore's goal, national coach Robert Page makes his first substitution.

David Brooks, who plays for Bournemouth at the second tier in England, replaces Daniel James.

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74' GOAL Wales! 


Out of nowhere Wales equalize!

After a short corner, Josef Morrell brings the ball in.

Moore comes in front of his man and heads the ball beautifully into the far corner.

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66 'The Swiss national coach Vladimir Petkovic is responsible for the first substitution of this match.

Denis Zakaria, Gladbach's midfielder, joins the team and Xherdan Shaqiri, one of the eye-catchers of this team, goes to the side

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65 'There is Embolo again, by far the most dangerous man of the second half.

He curls the ball towards the far corner, but the ball spins just wide out of Ward's reach.

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64 'Wales is now getting a little stronger.

Aaron Ramsey, invisible until now, dangerously attacks a free kick, but Bale and Moore both miss the ball.

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61 'After a corner kick that has been deflected, Ben Davies gets the ball in front of his feet.

The Tottenham Hotspur defender also hits the ball well, but the ball goes wide through Akanji's chest.

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Embolo towers over Roberts and heads Switzerland ahead.

It is a deserved lead for the Swiss, who are the better team for almost the entire game.

Wales will now have to come, which can again provide room for Embolo, for example, in the switch.

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52 'Once again Embolo breaks through the Welsh defense with a great individual action.

Now he puts the ball well on Mbabu, but he hits the ball completely wrong.

Switzerland, especially Embolo, started the second half strongly.

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49' GOAL Switzerland! 


Breel Embolo first encounters Ward after an impressive rush, but the Borussia Mönchengladbach attacker heads in the following corner.

Switzerland deserved the lead.

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46 'The ball rolls back into Baku.

Will we see more spectacle and goals after the break?

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 Wales and Switzerland do not entertain in the first half and so 0-0 is a logical half-time score.

Especially the Swiss try, but find it difficult to get through the Welsh wall.

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45 'At the end of the first half, Seferovic may have the best chance of the match.

Embolo keeps his opponent well away from him and puts it on his companion, who has a free shot chance of about 10 meters, but hits the ball wrong.

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37 'Switzerland is in control, but is building too slowly to embarrass Wales.

If Switzerland creates danger, it comes through crosses from one of the wingbacks, Rodríguez or Mbabu, or through corners.

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31 'Bale takes a free kick from the left sharply past Sommer's nose, but all his teammates arrive too late to promote his excellent cross into a goal.

The free kick came after a counter opportunity by the Welshmen was brutally nipped in the bud by a foul on the swift Daniel James.

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In the first quarter we were not able to score any really big chances.

Both teams have had some opportunities, most of which were for Switzerland.

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27 'Great attack by the Swiss, of which Seferovic is the end station.

He turns away from Rodon and shoots quickly, but the ball goes about 2 meters wide.

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24 'Switzerland is starting to insist a bit more and does so mainly through crosses from the side.

After such a pass, the ball is knocked off and Granit takes Xhaka out, but he is also unable to put goalkeeper Ward to work.

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23 'At the European Championship you can expect that the preconditions are in order, but that turns out not to be the case.

The ball is too soft and is therefore replaced by a new one.

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22 'Rodríguez gives the front to Seferovic, but the Benfica striker cannot give enough power to the header, which also misses the goal.

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20' Fabian Schär produces a beautiful shot from behind the standing leg after a low corner from Shaqiri, but goalkeeper Danny Ward reacts quickly and keeps the ball out of the goal with his foot.

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Wales have also come to the European Championship in good shape.

Of the last thirteen official games, Robert Page's team only lost to Belgium in the World Cup qualifier in March (3-1).

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15 'There is the first real possibility.

Kieffer Moore, good for twenty goals in the Championship on behalf of Cardiff City, heads the ball powerfully towards the top corner, but Sommer stylishly taps the ball over the bar.

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10 'The Swiss have taken over the initiative in Baku after a strong opening phase from Wales.

Apart from Mbabu's pinprick, we haven't seen any danger yet.

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6 'Switzerland was there for the first time via the wingbacks.

The left-back Ricardo Rodríguez gives the front and right-back Kevin Mbabu puts his head against it.

However, the ball falls wide.

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2 'Wales still starts with Daniel James on the left and Gareth Bale on the right.

The former makes the first pass, but it is a simple catch for Yann Sommer.

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Kick off! 

Wales and Switzerland open the second day of the European Championship.

Who can get off to a flying start in Group A on the trail of Italy?

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The players from Wales and Switzerland enter the field.

We're about to start with the national anthems.

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Switzerland is therefore starting the European Championship in shape, but the country does not have a good reputation at the tournament.

In the five times that the Alpine country participated in the European Championship, it only made it to the knockout stage in 2016.

Then the Swiss were immediately knocked out by Poland in the eighth finals after penalties.

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It will be the second European Championship in which Wales participate.

Five years ago, Wales immediately reached the semi-finals as a debutant, including by eliminating Belgium in the quarter-finals.

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Switzerland starts the European Championship in top form.

The last six games have been won, with a goal difference of nineteen goals for and four against.

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Today, 31,000 spectators are allowed to be present in the Olympic Stadium in Baku.

That is about half the stadium capacity.

Some of #TheRedWall have made it to Baku ❤️🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 #WAL |

#EURO2020 |



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Wales and Switzerland lineups are in.

At Wales, Gareth Bale appears to be coming in from the left, with Manchester United's Daniel James on the right wing and Kieffer Moore as the striker.

Switzerland plays with five (or three) defenders, with Xherdan Shaqiri behind striker duo Breel Embolo and Haris Seferovic.

Wales line-up:


Roberts, Rodon, Davies, Mepham;

Morrell, Allen, Ramsey;

James, Moore, Bale.

Switzerland setup:


Mbabu, Elvedi, Schär, Akanji, Rodriguez;

Xhaka, Freuler;


Embolo, Seferovic.

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The focus now turns to Baku, where Wales and Switzerland open the European Championship day in forty minutes.

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The press conference of Frank de Boer and Georginio Wijnaldum has ended.

The main points:

  • The match against Ukraine comes a little too early for Matthijs de Ligt.

    There is a good chance that he will be there in the second game against Austria.

  • Maarten Stekelenburg has been elected first goalkeeper by national coach Frank de Boer.

  • Frank de Boer will start tomorrow with a 5-3-2 system, or 3-5-2, as he calls it.

  • The Orange players will not kneel prior to the game.

    "We have not done that in recent international matches. We are already doing a lot with the campaign and the actions of the KNVB", Wijnaldum explains that choice.

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De Boer: "The selection is really a unity, but there is also a healthy competition. I saw that this week. A number of guys really knock on the door, with 'trainer, I'm ready'."

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Wijnaldum about the plane above the training: "You don't experience it every day, but you shouldn't make it too big either. That is someone or a group who thinks we should play a certain way and has expressed it in this way ."

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De Boer: Virgil van Dijk is doing well.

He has been to Portugal and we said goodbye from a distance.

He's definitely involved.

I'm sure the players, especially Wijnaldum, have a lot of contact with him.

But the players now have to solve it themselves and I think Wijnaldum fulfills the role of captain well."

Wijnaldum: "I always have a lot of contact with Virgil and that has not changed.

He is also still in the group app.

I know how important he is in the team.

He always tries to help us.

Even when he's not there, he remains a captain.

During his rehabilitation, he also sat on the players council during his rehabilitation and he has conversations with all the players.

He's definitely involved."

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Wijnaldum: "During the training, the technical staff is working on everyone's qualities. I learn more about the system every day. Every situation demands something different. I also learn to deal with this."

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De Boer: "During the 2010 World Cup, Van Marwijk always said: 'If we don't have the form, we still won't lose.'

That belief came more and more. We also had the players for that with Mark van Bommel and Nigel de Jong. I thought we played very good football in qualifying and preparation. We did not tap that level in the tournament, but we were very difficult to beat. The spirit and the belief that we were going to make it to the final, I had that feeling very much at the time."

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Wijnaldum: "We are also really positive about the system, but we have not necessarily agreed to be positive towards the outside world. We analyzed the matches a lot and worked on that in training. We did better there. That's it process we went through: analyzing matches, looking at what needs to be improved and training accordingly. We have a lot of consultation about that. That went positive, also in the training sessions. That's why I think we are positive. I have seen confidence grow and I think that makes sense. For some, such a system is new; I think you could see that on the pitch. You shouldn't be upset about that. After Scotland, we trained, played another game that went better, and then trained again. The training went well and that gives confidence."

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Wijnaldum about 5-3-2: "The players are positive. It's about how you fill it in. Some guys are not used to it, but we trained a lot. It was positive at the last training, so we as a player group look positive about it."

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De Boer: "We always try to play dominant football, also in this system. 5-3-2 sounds negative, if you say 3-5-2 you only play with three defenders. We would like to get to the front and get the game in our hands "That means your wingbacks are pretty high and you're three men in the back. I think in this lineup we have the best people in the right places who have played well all year. As I've said many times, with one substitution you can switch to 4-3 3. During the matches we can see if we also start with a regular 4-3-3.

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Wijnaldum: "I am very happy that I have clarity before the European Championship starts. I can now be fully focused on the tournament. It was quite a hectic week. I had to make a choice and that was a difficult one. They are two big clubs for which you would like to play. It is a relief that I was able to finish it before the European Championship, because I felt it was going to play a part in the team."

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