ILTA-SANOMI's election machine has 25 national allegations, which the municipal election candidates have been able to answer.

In addition, five community-specific arguments have been put forward for candidates in the ten largest cities.

Now you have the opportunity to try which of the candidates think the same way with you.

The election machine asks about climate and transport, the economy, schools, housing, social and health care, and energy production.

Candidates and voters get to choose whether they completely agree or completely disagree with the statement or something in between.

More than 15,000 candidates from every corner of Finland have responded to the election machine.

There are more than 30,000 candidates in the municipal elections.

Once you have filled the election machine, you will see a wide range of information about candidates and parties on the answer page.

For example, you can see which parties are best for you based on your answers.

You will also get a list of candidates from all parties who agree with you the most.

You can also view the results by theme and see which questions divide the parties the most.

You can also find candidate lists for different constituencies on the municipal election machine.

You can find Ilta-Sanomat's election machine below.

There has been a delay in the selection of the location of the election machine shown below on some devices.

If problems arise, you can fill the election machine smoothly here.


Municipal elections 2021

  • Municipal elections will be held on Sunday, June 13th.

  • Advance voting will be held in Finland from 26 May to 8 June.

    and abroad 2–5.6.

  • Municipal councils are elected for the next four-year term.

    The councils will take office on 1 August.

  • The elections were due to take place on April 18, but were postponed due to the interest rate crisis.