Yle says that it is trying 4K quality in its live service in its Arena service.

In the future, Yle Areena's smart TV application will make it possible to watch the European matches of the Owls and the European Final in ultra-high definition.

4K quality or ultra high definition (UHD) means 3840 times 2160 pixels resolution.

For comparison, the standard full HD resolution is 1920 times 1080 pixels.

According to Yle, the experiment will work with Samsung's UHD smart TVs released after 2016 and LG acquired after 2017.

It is also possible to watch broadcasts via Apple TV and Android TV (Sony UHD, Philips UHD, DNA TV).

In addition to the trial broadcast, Yle also intends to broadcast a normal quality broadcast.

Apple's smart TV, or Apple TV, is one of the devices that can be used to watch Owl's games live in 4K quality.

Photo: Apple

Yle's service manager Kari Haakana says on Twitter that it is currently not possible to follow broadcasts in UHD quality on a PC, for example, but only on devices listed by Yle.

Elisa Viihde has previously used UHD quality in live broadcasts in Finland, which started broadcasting some Mestis hockey matches in 4K in 2018.

According to Yle, the bandwidth required to watch UHD-quality live broadcast is about 20-25 Mbps.

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This is how you find out

Yle will also increase the frame rate of Arena's live TV broadcasts from 25 to 50 frames per second and the bit rate from 2.7 Mbps to four Mbps.

Both changes are especially helpful for watching sports, as the higher frame rate makes it easier to follow the movement on the screen.

Unfortunately, improving quality unfortunately means that older smart TVs may no longer be able to reproduce live broadcast quality.

According to Yle, watching live TV broadcasts may not work in the future in smart TV models acquired before 2015.

These updates only apply to Yle Arena's live broadcasts and not to traditional broadcasts via the aerial or cable network.