Petri Kontiola hijacked the puck after a kick-off in the attack area, but the Canadian player got in the way.

That’s where the overwhelming attack kicked off and after a while the solution goal from Nick Paul’s stage.

In this way, the World Cup gold was solved for small things in three sequels played against three.

The Lions played an excellent tournament with a team that was once again full of anonymous players.

The balance this time was World Championship silver, but Jukka Jalonen once again got the most out of his players.

The lions fell in boots on their feet.

The disappointment was fierce as the Lion had an excellent opportunity to renew his championship two years ago.

Finland lost its lead twice during the match when Canada vaccinated with superiority.

- Really bad feeling.

Somehow no consolation for this medal.

We had a seam to win the whole pot, but didn’t come now, Lion veteran Petri Kontiola, 36, summed up in an interview with C More.

Saku Mäenalanen (left), Olli Määttä and Petri Kontiola tilted after the helmet's final loss.

Photo: Seppo solmela / IS

Kontiola was close to crowning his great new climb to the top of the world championship, but the gold medal still didn’t come.

Kontiola, who played a great tournament, has not won a single championship in his respectable professional career.

In 2011, he would certainly have been part of the Lions Gold Team if he hadn’t been injured before the tournament.

- I'm grateful I still got involved.

Pretty awesome outfit, he said.

Silver didn't make the Lions smile much.

Photo: Seppo solmela / IS

The opening goal of the lions was hit by Mikael Ruohomaa.

Petteri Lindbohm, on the other hand, took the Lions back in the lead in the third round, making everything look great.

However, Canada still rose to the side and in the playoffs with Adam Henrique’s goal.

One of the Lions heroes in the World Cup was goalkeeper Jussi Olkinuora.

He appeared in front of the TV cameras as accustomed to calm, even though the championship dreams had just failed.

Olkinuora also played well in the final.

The lions ’coaching staff now had to drink the bitter lime of defeat.

Jukka Jalonen (left), Mikko Manner and Ari-Pekka Selin.

Photo: Seppo solmela / IS

- We had the best defense equipment for the tournament.

Therefore, it is a pity that I was stuck.

We did have the material, but this is hockey, Olkinuora said to C Morella.

- Sometimes in ten years' time you can look at this medal with a smile.

The Lions did not lose any matches in the tournament during regular time.

- We were close to winning today.

I am really proud of every member of the team.

It is not fun to lose in the sequel, Lions captain Marko Anttila said disappointed.

Anttila told what he said to the team in the locker room after the lost final.

- A few words were said about how well each player brought himself to this team and for the good of the team spirit.

That is our strength.

We got close.

Yes it eats.

Oliwer Kaski (right) and Kim Nousiainen.

Photo: Seppo solmela / IS

The Lions was the best team in the tournament with five to five.

However, the final was decided by three against three in the playoffs.

- It's a bounce there, a bounce here.

But there is no room for it, the situation was the same for the opponent.

This could have turned the other way.

It is this grueling way to lose, the Lions credit defender Olli Määttä decided.