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Number corona patients in hospitals continued to fall

, the number of corona patients on the wards has ended day dropped again, to 688. This is the first time since October 4 that less than 700 COVID-19 patients are on the wards, shows Friday to the latest figures of the National Coordination Center for Patient Distribution (LCPS).

The total number of corona patients in Dutch hospitals has also fallen further in the past 24 hours.

There are currently 1,065 people with COVID-19 in an intensive care unit or nursing unit.

On Thursday there were still 1,098.

In the past 24 hours, fourteen new corona patients have been added to the ICs.

In total, intensive care units are now treating 377 people with COVID-19, the disease caused by the coronavirus.

On Thursday there were 394. This means that more people have left intensive care units or have died than new patients have been added.

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50,000 yellow booklets ordered in one day

After it was announced that all GGDs will now put corona stamps in the yellow vaccination


, it is extremely busy at SDU, the publisher of the vaccination


. 50,000 booklets were ordered on Thursday alone, according to a spokesperson for the SDU.

It had been busier for months; a thousand to two thousand copies a day were ordered by private individuals who wanted to have their corona stamp put in it. Normally, the SDU sells 300,000 booklets a year through companies such as KLM Health Services and the GGD. Delivering to private individuals is fairly new for the publisher.

The vaccination booklet from the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport (VWS) has been in circulation for years and is mainly used by people who travel a lot.

Certain countries also require shots against certain diseases and these can be demonstrated with the booklet.

People who have been vaccinated against COVID-19 have always received a registration certificate on paper.

The GGD recommends that you keep these with the yellow booklet.

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Setback for gyms: judge does not sweep restrictions off the table

The State may attach conditions to the opening of the gyms.

The court in The Hague determined this on Friday in summary proceedings brought by the Fitness Is Medicine foundation.

The foundation wanted that, except for the basic corona rules, no restrictions would apply to gyms, but the judge does not agree.

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Major cities contribute financially to corona aid for Suriname

The four major cities of Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague and Utrecht, united in the G4, jointly contribute financially to the purchase of medical materials and medicines for Suriname.

The municipalities announced this on Friday.

The amount of the contribution has not been disclosed.

The Ministry of Health is coordinating the aid.

Shortly after noon on Friday, a plane with medical aids, materials and medical personnel departs from Schiphol to Paramaribo.

On Saturday, the request for help from the Netherlands came from the Surinamese government.

Due to the continuously increasing number of corona patients, the highest risk level is now in force in the South American country.

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People born in 1983 can schedule an injection

People born in 1983 can make an appointment for a vaccination on Friday from 11 a.m., says outgoing minister Hugo de Jonge (Public Health).

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France will allow vaccinated travelers from the EU from 9 June

France will allow travelers from other countries of the European Union from 9 June if they have been vaccinated with one of the four corona vaccines approved in Europe.

State Secretary Jean-Baptiste Lemoyne for Tourism

confirmed this

to the news

channel BFMTV


Certain travelers, such as those from the United Kingdom and the United States, are required to show a negative test.

France will further open its borders on June 9 and to that end, like other countries, a rating system will be introduced where countries receive colors from a traffic light.

They must indicate to what extent they are still plagued by the coronavirus.

Just like in our country, the restrictions for entry depend on the green, orange or red color used to designate the country of origin.

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Figures in hospitals, mental health care and long-term care are going 'in the right direction'

Due to the declining number of corona infections, the figures in hospitals, mental health and long-term care are "going in the right direction", the Dutch Healthcare Authority (NZa) announced on Friday. 

For example, the number of available operating rooms rose to 76 percent, compared to 66 last week. More hospitals are also providing critically plannable care, such as cancer treatments. Last week, 25 hospitals indicated that they could not deliver critically plannable care completely according to plan, this week that dropped to 20.

The NZa also sees the figures going in the right direction outside hospitals: relatively few people died in long-term care and waiting times are decreasing.

In addition, more general practitioners referred patients to mental health care, but the waiting times are just as long as before the outbreak of COVID-19.

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What we didn't see in the photo that De Jonge tweeted was the symbol for no photography that hangs behind him, although we understand that an exception is made for the minister.

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De Jonge has first shot

Five months after he watched the first corona shot in the Netherlands, outgoing minister Hugo de Jonge (Public Health) has now also received his first dose.

Of course, the minister does not miss this opportunity to emphasize the importance of vaccination and to thank all healthcare workers.

Thanks to science, thanks to all those people who work day in day out to make the vaccination operation a success.

Kudos to all those fantastic people at the GGD.

Bit by bit we are working our way out of the crisis. So much to be thankful for.



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The vast majority

of secondary schools are or will be fully open'

The vast majority of secondary schools will be fully open again from Monday.

This is apparent from a tour of the 


among 181 schools in secondary education.

About nine out of ten schools are already fully open, or will open on Monday.

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Another corona jab in the winter?

Why we don't know yet whether this is necessary

People who are now fully vaccinated against COVID-19 may still need an extra shot in the future.

That mainly depends on how long the corona vaccines work.

We don't know yet if it's necessary, and if so, when.

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Major concerns about staff shortages as the country

reopens As one industry after another reopens, a new problem arises: a screaming shortage of staff.

Due to the lockdown, many employees have quit their jobs at festival organizations and restaurants, for example, to start working elsewhere.

As a result, companies are now faced with many vacancies.

"We are really thousands of people shortage," says Berend Schans director of the Association of Dutch music venues and festivals (VNPF), which represents the interests of music venues and organizers of festivals, 



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Beau van Erven Dorens vaccinated live on television with Janssen vaccine

Presenter Beau van Erven Dorens received

the corona vaccine from Janssen

live in his talk show

Beau on

Thursday evening 


Chairman Ernst Kuipers of the National Network Acute Care (LNAZ) was allowed to put the jab at Van Erven Dorens.

The television presenter called it an honor to have been pricked by Kuipers afterwards.


Ernst Kuipers vaccinated @BeauvanED live on the broadcast.

With the #Janssen vaccine, he is protected against the #coronavirus in one go.

"I was honored to be vaccinated by you," Beau says.



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Medical team leaves for Suriname for corona care

Dutch doctors and former director-general Marc Sprenger of the RIVM will leave for Suriname on Friday. They will look there to see what is needed to get the emergency surrounding the corona epidemic in the country under control. They are expected to depart from Schiphol to Paramaribo at 11 a.m. The team consists of 23 healthcare workers.

The team will help and make an inventory of what will be needed in terms of personnel and materials in the coming weeks. The doctors will also expand COVID-19 units to ensure that people can receive acute care.

Suriname is burdened by

a huge corona wave


Due to the large increase in corona cases, the highest risk levels are in effect.

A lockdown has also been declared.

There are major shortages in the country, including medicines and face masks.

Suriname has almost 600,000 inhabitants.

The Netherlands will probably send the first corona vaccines to Suriname next week.

The country will receive 40,000 doses from AstraZeneca and 50,000 from Pfizer.

More vaccines will be sent later.

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Share of stores sees sales double since easing

Many stores that had to remain closed for a long time have seen sales skyrocket since the reopening at the end of April.

Clothing and furniture stores saw their revenues rise by 71 and 85 percent, respectively;

electronics stores and sports stores even more than doubled.

This is apparent from transaction figures


by ABN AMRO on Friday


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Mortality rate of people under 80 also returns to old level

The number of deaths has returned to normal levels in all age groups. That was already the case among people over eighty, but last week also among people who are younger, Statistics Netherlands (CBS) reported on Friday. Earlier this year, unusually many people under the age of eighty died for weeks. This was probably due to the coronavirus.

Since the end of March, there has been an excess of mortality among people aged 65 to 80. Last week this was no longer the case in the above age group for the first time, and slightly fewer people died than usual.

People under the age of 65 experienced excess mortality between the beginning of April and the beginning of May.

After that, the number of deaths dropped again.

Last week the death rate was in line with expectations.

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US wants to have donated 80 million doses of vaccines by July

The United States wants to finish sending the promised 80 million corona vaccines to other countries by July. The process to ship the first 25 million doses is already underway, the White House said in a statement released Thursday.

Of those 25 million doses, 19 million are sent via COVAX, the international program that makes vaccines available to poorer countries and that is supported by the health organization WHO. Those doses go to Asian countries such as Nepal, Afghanistan and Vietnam, countries in South and Central America and the Caribbean, and to a number of African countries.

The US sends the other six million vaccines outside the COVAX program directly to Mexico, Canada, Iraq and South Korea, among others.

"We are not sharing these doses to gain favors or concessions," President Joe Biden said in a statement.

"We are sharing these vaccines to save lives."

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For the first time since October, fewer than four hundred corona patients in IC

Dutch hospitals are treating 1,098 corona patients on Thursday, more than 1,500 less than exactly a month ago.

Of these, 394 are in intensive care units, 26 fewer than on Wednesday.

Since October 19, that number has not been that small.

The number of corona patients in the nursing wards fell by 65 to 704 in the past 24 hours. 

In recent days, hospitals have admitted 628 new corona patients, an average of almost 90 per day.

Two weeks ago, there were an average of 180 admissions per day.

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Mexico donates ventilation equipment to Suriname

Suriname received two medical ventilation equipment from Mexico on Thursday,




A delegation from the Mexican Agency for International Development Cooperation (AMEXID) traveled to the country for the donation.

Suriname is dealing with a severe new corona wave.

The country has therefore 


code purple

, the highest risk level.

The Netherlands has sent relief supplies and medical personnel to the country.

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Half of British adults


twice, but more infections

More than half of all British adults have received two doses of a corona vaccine.

More than 26 million second shots have been provided since the British started pricking six months ago.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who received his second vaccine on Thursday, spoke on Twitter of a "great performance".

He also called for "finish the work".

However, Great Britain also had to deal with a setback on Thursday.

Health authorities reported 5,274 new infections.

That is the largest number since March 26.

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