Friday is the first day of a weather change after a very rainy month of May.

The day starts out foggy, but it dissolves quickly after which the sun breaks through.

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The temperature can rise to 17 degrees in the north on Friday, to 19 degrees in the south.

It feels very pleasant in a light to moderate northerly wind.

Although some cumulus clouds may form in the afternoon, it remains dry everywhere.

Saturday also seems to be going sunny.

Friday marks a turnaround in last month's rainy weather.

According to Weeronline, May 2021 will be in the top ten rainiest months of May since 1906. So far the country has had an average of 96.3 millimeters, where 56.1 millimeters is common.

In 1983 the most rain fell in May: 119.6 millimeters.

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