Finland has always followed closely how Sweden is doing, especially in hockey and Eurovision.

Quite understandable, because Sweden has often succeeded and Finland has tried hard.

Well, we have three pitching championships, a visa win and a fresh sixth place in the singing competition.

But let's not remember the past, but jump to Sweden.

What the hell is going on there right now?

Tusse sang his Voices song at Eurovision.

Rank: 14.

It is a terribly poor result for a country that has only been out of the final ten in the last ten years.

At the same time, Tre Kronor's game started coughing at the World Hockey Championships.

In the opening match, the Jews gave their neighbor a peat 3-4 and on Sunday Belarus scored better.

- This is a fiasco, SVT expert Jonas Anderson silenced his national team.

How did this happen here now?

Let’s start with Tuss, aka singer Tousin Michael Chiza.

Much was expected of the Swedish Idols finalist.

Voices songs have been listened to more than 16 million times on Spotify.

The official Eurovision video has knocked over 2.8 million views on Youtube.

On those readings, the ranking should have been much better.

This is what Sweden thought and this is what Tussek thought.

- I am a little disappointed in Europe.

I did my job, they didn’t do their job entirely, Tusse said after the result was over.

Many may find the singer’s comment arrogant, but rather it is about a culture of winning where Swedes are the best on their continent.

When not passing, frogs easily slip out of their mouths.

Even bigger frogs were released from the mouths by Afusbladet editors Markus Larsson and Tobbe Ek.

In their opinion, the Dark Side of Blind Channel “gives rock music a bad reputation” and “Finns were drunk when they voted for the song Eurovision”.

According to Larsson, Tussen Voices was “objectively the best Nordic visa”.

Well, you can’t always hit in his assessment and Tussen’s generic rally got what he deserved.

What about Tre Kronor?

You would think it would work out, because the team is tough this year as well.

Only five NHL men took part in the game, but in hockey you have to remember one basic rule: if you don’t know who to choose for the team, choose a Swede.

You get the winner.

Of course, Finns laughing at our beloved neighbor in visas and in a trough.

Especially when the Blind Channel did great and the Lions collected a beauty flaw called Kazakhstan, except for points from both of their first-round matches.

How should the Swedish failure be treated?

For many, this is quite clear: mocking and rejoicing.

Rejoicing that for once the Han goose will get its merit.

No, no and no.

Now if ever we need to get up and give full support to our dear neighbor.

Is this supposed to be fucking on the neck now?

Well, for once.

So let's open properly.

There are two Swedish jerseys in my closet.

Swedish heavy is good.

I like surströmming.

My child attends a Swedish-speaking kindergarten.

I am like a raspberry boat refugee in Miika Nousiainen's novel.

To the main character of the same book, Mikko Virtanen, who feels that he was born with the wrong citizenship.

I will immediately encourage Sweden if the Lions drop out of the race and Tre Kronor continues.

Even in the five, I could support them if the song had more meaning than in Tussen’s unspoken machine pop.

I have learned this from my Swedish friends.

Whatever the race, they will flag on behalf of Finland immediately after Sweden.

Giggle for a moment, but still flag.

My Swedish colleagues are always ready to help.

I owe many suppliers of Aftonbladet and Expressen coffee buns, a fika moment, to the support they provide.

The openness and kindness of the Swedes has been the last staple of why I became Svea’s grandmother.

The Nordic Friendship and Assistance Agreement has worked all over the world.

You are traveling anywhere, Swedes and Finns always recognize each other and there is no need to look for the root of the story.

You can even play together with Norwegians.

Tomorrow, Sweden will skate against Switzerland in the evening match.

Since the Lions face Norway at the same time, I leave it in my yellow-blue jersey still in the closet.

But if Mathias Emilio Pettersen puts the Finns in a bundle, I might move on to follow Adrian Kempen and Marcus Sörensen.

I also challenge others to encourage Sweden.

It does not hurt.

We don’t have to be the “little brothers” of the Swedes to tap the world because they don’t even consider us that way.

Maybe a little like foresters and drunks.

As sympathetic as such.