It was a historic defeat.

It was also a logical continuation of the ongoing World Cup tournament.

Tiny underdogers have pounded giant favorites at an embarrassing pace right at the start of the tournament.

On Sunday, it was the Lions ’turn to scurry as Kazakhstan stretched to a sensational 2-1 victory after a winning shot race.

It was the first defeat of the Lions of all time for Kazakhstan.

- At least I'm not terribly ashamed.

Here is the project in progress, comments in a calm tone Lion captain Marko Anttila after the defeat.

- It doesn't help to put your head in the bush here.

We are in a position to keep the game evolving all the time.

Now this is a little flickering.

Let’s get up from here and be better in the next game.

Anttila, who has played KHL in Jokers for the last five years, knew exactly what kind of opponent he was up against.

- At least I don't underestimate them.

I’ve played a lot against the same, heavily struggling guys.

As such, the opponent was not surprised.

Kazakhstan can be counted among the flower pots on a hockey map, but for any pub team, the Lions didn’t lose on Sunday.

There are 18 KHL players on the Kazakhstan World Cup team.

In practice, the World Cup team is KHL’s Barys Nur-Sultan team.

A big and physical team defended your tenacious Lions ineffective.

- Sometimes there are difficulties.

The opponent slammed the center pretty well and a lot was fired from the line.

It is better to do the work in front of the paint.

It is nowadays that we try to defend the center as well as possible, Anttila saw.

Anttila, 35, is one of the few Lions players to have started the tournament convincingly.

The quadruple chain led by Hannes Björninen, Anttila and Saku Mäenalanen on the sides, has been by far the best composition of the team.

Others will be required to raise the level in the future.

Most goals are scored.

Finland took 50 to 18 shots against Kazakhstan.

The number one finishers went to Lions 12–4.

- You need to get better shots and look a little more carefully at what you are shooting.

I also had many shots towards the goal.

You need to get more peace and care.

Isn't that about it, Anttila believed.

According to Anttila, patience is a big theme at Leijon in this tournament.

- Trying to improve it all the time.

The result is definitely good when you do things a little better.

Two years ago, Anttila led Leijonat to the World Cup gold with his solution goals.

Despite the shock loss, the captain sees a lot of potential on this spring’s team.

The journey is just beginning.

- We have a good team on the move.

They work hard together, there is a lot of enthusiasm and morale is hard.

- The gaming has been a bit nervous, and the teamwork is not at the level we want it to be.

That's why we do things all the time here, Anttila said.

Next, the Lions will face Norway on Tuesday.

The setup does not change.

The Lions will leave the match as a clear pre-favorite.

- These experiences are also needed and they are growing.

Let's move on, as “Juti” said, Anttila split.