Kaari's powerhouse Jari Saario was in a strong mood at the national powerlifting competitions held in Sotkamo over the weekend.

Saario, who represents a series of more than 120 kg, reached five unofficial Finnish records in the competition: twice in squat, once in the field and twice in the joint result.

Saario, representing Juankoski Punnerru, was the first Finn to lift 350 kilos from a squat.

raw, ie without aid.

You can see Saario's performance in the video above.

In addition, Saario weighed 192.5 pounds.

The cross-country haul set its own race record of 362.5 kilos.

The total result was a handsome 905 pounds.

It is currently the largest raw result in the official raw races of the Finnish Powerlifting Association in Finland.

- Eight out of nine withdrawals were successful, which means that there is still room for some improvement and the results to be official SE results.

Yes, this is where it all starts from what you have ever dreamed of.

There are a couple of extra dreams left, Saario said.

The weekend’s results are unofficial records because there were only two first-class judges in the race.

Official results require three judges at that level.

Saario raises in competitions under the Finnish Powerlifting Association, whose umbrella organization is IPF.

He belongs to the group of accurate testing in the Adams pool, which has e.g.

obligation to report whereabouts.