Weightlifter Anni Vuohijoki, 32, suffered a creepy disappointment in the Olympic qualifiers in Colombia.

The Goat River competed in Finnish time in Cali on Thursday evening, leaving no result in the rapture.

In the push, he had lifted 115 pounds.

In the rapture, the Goat River first tried to lift 94 kilos and then twice 96 kilos.

After competing in the 64-pound series, Vuohijoki released a video in its Stories section of Instagram.

- Yes, one of the cries came twisted.

It's a long time to stay in the rapture without result.

I was really soft and my foot didn't work at all, Vuohijoki moaned.

The Goat River competed for the Olympic venue, especially with Lisa Marie Schweizer of Germany.

Schweizer did a great job, lifting the overall result by 220 pounds.

The Goat River calculated that he should have won the Olympic venue to ensure a lift of 215 pounds.

Despite his disappointment, the Goat River paid tribute to Schweizer: “After all, he deserved his Olympic place”.

- Pretty hard work.

In its own way, it feels like two and a half years pulled the toilet bowl down.

In the Olympic ranking, Vuohijoki was now very short of securing the Tokyo race ticket.

- I missed 1.2 points from that Olympic place, which is quite a bit lost.

The Goat River said on Instagram that it is now taking a few bisses, but after that, the training will actually continue until the end of June.

The Olympic venue is not completely buried, as ten athletes are selected for the Olympic weightlifting with a so-called wild card.

However, in Vuohijoki's own hands, the venue is no longer.

Vuohijoki later updated his Instagram with a dramatic picture, which seems to say goodbye to the Olympic rings with this batch.

- Although I promised myself I wasn't nervous, I was.

My feet were completely asleep in the heat of Cal, Goat River wrote.

- Today I would have earned a really successful race.

I’m okay with lifting 220 pounds, but I haven’t managed to run it on stage.

There is only a year to go before the Paris Olympics qualifiers, so changes need to be made.

It remains to be seen what they are.

One thing is certain: failure to do so does not determine the value of the athlete.

While the competition was disappointing, I am not, Goat River said.

- I still have the opportunity to earn a wild card or even a venue for the Olympics, but it is no longer in my own hands.

In any case, the qualifiers have been completed, and it is time to thank everyone who has made this possible.

The Goat River competed in the 2016 Rio Olympics, finishing tenth.

In 2018, he achieved the European Championship bronze.

Anni Vuohijoki and the European Championship bronze medal in spring 2018.Photo: Roni Rekomaa / Lehtikuva

Vuohijoki, who is studying to be a doctor, told Ilta-Sanomat what kind of place he is going on for the qualifying trip.

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