It is not easy to be Nikita Mazepin.

Because of his billionaire father, the 22-year-old Russian driver crouches in the series with a toll driver’s stamp on his forehead.

What’s worse, Mazepin’s own grips on the track have created the impression - perhaps even deservedly - that he’s driving in the wrong series.

He has not yet survived any F1 race weekend without a mocha that would have angered his rivals or caused dangerous incidents.

On Sunday, the Spanish GP once again received a new sample that the rest of the F1 people put little weight on the Russian as anything other than a slowdown, and potentially harmful as such.

For the first time in the history of F1's TV broadcasts, a message was conveyed from the stable to the race management.

The honor went to Mercedes boss Toto Wolff, who sent a strong message to race director Michael Mas.

- Michael, blue flags.

Michael, this guy is causing us a loss of rank, Wolff sighed in the 26th round of the race.

Wolff fought for Lewis Hamilton, who had come before anyone other than the Mazepin Parka.

The new innovation in the transmission of radio messages was known to all teams before the race and did not come as a surprise to Wolff.

Masi said after the race, according to Racefans, that Wolff rarely commands the race lead via radio.

- To be fair, I hear about Toto quite rarely during the race, Masi said.

According to Mas, the decision to include another radio connection to the TV broadcasts in addition to the drivers' team radio was a decision of the F1 Commission and was made last year.

The makers of the series want to take spectators even more into the Games, and the stables were informed of the introduction of the reform before the Spanish GP.

Mazepin let Hamilton suddenly pass by and the British eventually drove after a clever tactical performance to win the race before Max Verstappen.

Haas driver Mazepin was found last in his place.

He was again nearly 50 seconds behind his second-team-mate teammate Mick Schumacher.