The room for relaxation is still limited, but taking the next step in the opening plan next week is possible, says chairman Ernst Kuipers of the National Network Acute Care (LNAZ) on Monday.

According to Kuipers, the corona situation in hospitals is "in the right direction".

"We have clearly made the turn and see the curve bending," said the Erasmus MC director, speaking on behalf of the entire acute care sector.

In the past week, the influx of new corona patients fell by 12 percent.

The total occupancy of hospital beds by people with COVID-19, which is always somewhat behind the influx, has fallen by 6 percent in a week.

"This is a good sign", Kuipers concludes with satisfaction.

On average, about 275 corona patients have entered the hospital in the last few days.

At first there were more than three hundred.

Despite the decline, almost 2,500 people with COVID-19 are still in hospitals.

"It is still at a high level", Kuipers agrees.

"We really need that drop. We have to use the capacity to catch up on all non-COVID-19 care. It has now been pushed ahead of us like a bow wave."


Kuipers explains the (cautiously) positive corona figures

Kuipers thinks postponement of a final decision to relax is a good thing

Kuipers thinks it is a good thing that the cabinet is waiting until next week with a final decision on further relaxation of the corona measures.

"You keep an eye out for it in case the decline does not continue."

In principle, the cabinet wants to take the second step in the opening plan on 19 May, which will allow gyms, indoor swimming pools and outdoor flow locations to reopen under certain conditions.

However, the final decision will not be taken until next week, because it is not certain whether the decline in corona patients in the hospitals will continue in the coming days.

Earlier, the cabinet thought it could give a definite answer on Tuesday.

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