Marcel van Raaij will be in charge of the COVID-19 vaccination program at the RIVM.

Van Raaij will take over the duties of current vaccination chief Jaap van Delden on 15 June, the institute reports Monday.

Van Raaij comes from the Ministry of Health, where he was director of the Department of Medicines and Medical Technology.

With the new, also temporary program management, he must "safeguard the processes that have been deployed and, where necessary, improve them further," according to the RIVM.

According to the institute, the replacement of Van Delden was in line with expectations.

"The current management was temporarily appointed to start up the vaccination program. Now that this is up to speed, the new director and management will continue to manage it," said RIVM.

According to the RIVM, Van Delden's departure has nothing to do with the interview that the vaccination chief gave in the


at the end of April


In it, Van Delden said, among other things, that the AstraZeneca vaccine will soon no longer be needed.

There was a lot of criticism about this, especially from GPs.