A spring cleaning is not only a good idea for your house, but also for your finances.

Because what about that travel insurance that you have had for years, and for what purpose is that one amount deducted every month?

In this section people go through their administration with an expert from Independer to see if there is still something to be saved.

This week: Martin Landmeter (32).

He lives with his Lithuanian girlfriend, whom he once met at an internet game.

Together they own a house that they bought "just at the right time";

when interest rates were already low, and house prices not yet that high.

Martin is a senior supply chain manager.

“From my profession I am always busy making things more efficient, spending less money for the same or better quality,” he says.

That is why he thinks it would be nice to have his administration examined: who knows, it might also be possible to save there, while the quality does not go down.

As far as the latter is concerned, he still has some requirements: "I want to have someone who takes care of it with an insurance policy."

A bad experience with his legal expenses insurance is still clear to him.

"I was busy from August to February, had to do everything myself, supply it and fill it in. In the end it turned out that it was not covered by the policy after all. I don't want to do that again."

Independer expert Sjoerd Wiegmans has taken this into account: the insurers must provide good service, and Martin must be able to call them with questions, for example.

Save over 700 euros on car insurance

Despite this requirement, Wiegmans immediately has good news: "You can save more than 62 euros per month on your car insurance, which covers the two cars and the engine."

Everything must then be placed with a single provider, Inshared in this case, which provides the necessary discount through, among other things, the second-vehicle scheme.

Martin: "It scares me! That is a considerable amount per year. If we are allowed to again, we will put that in a nice holiday."

In addition to this topper, there are still quite a few euros here and there that can be saved by the couple.

Legal expenses insurance, for example - which Martin was not satisfied with anyway - can be nearly 7 euros cheaper per month, which amounts to more than 80 euros per year.

What can be saved per month?

  • Car insurance: 62.10 euros

  • Contents / home insurance: 1.56 euros

  • Liability insurance: 1.64 euros

  • Legal expenses insurance: 6.82 euros

  • Mortgage: interest is 1.7 percent, but the current interest is 1.1 percent;

    calculate whether the possible fine and the savings outweigh each other

  • Total possible savings: EUR 1,070.40 on an annual basis

By transferring his mobile subscription from Vodafone to Ben, he can keep the same number of calling minutes and the same number of MBs of internet, but 20 euros cheaper.

Martin hesitates for a moment, because the subscription is related to his television package.

As it turns out, that package is only slightly more than 3 euros more expensive due to the procedure.

So the bottom line is still 16.45 euros profit.

Martin is satisfied overall, including the small pluses.

With the liability insurance, for example, which can be cheaper at 1.60 euros per month.

"Those are a few euro bangers at McDonald's every year," he chuckles.