At café Vak West in the Amsterdam Balboastraat there was a late explosion on Friday evening.

Many supporters of Ajax would come to the cafe.

There is damage to the facade, the police report.

There were no injuries and no one has been arrested yet.

Earlier this week there were explosions on two occasions in Rotterdam visited by fans of Feyenoord.

A 21-year-old suspect from Amsterdam was arrested for this on Friday evening.

The investigation is still investigating whether there is any connection with the explosions in Rotterdam.

On Sunday, Feyenoord and Ajax will play the Classic against each other.

In the run-up to that match, dozens of Feyenoord supporters have decided to keep watch at several buildings in Rotterdam at night, they told

De Telegraaf

on Saturday


Several pub owners in Rotterdam say in the newspaper that they fear that their building could be the next target.