Secondary schools and MBOs must be fully reopened as soon as possible, preferably right after the May holidays.

This appeal to the cabinet will be made by Children's Ombudsman Margrite Kalverboer in

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"Please, let's try to offer young people a bit of structure for a few more months before the summer," says Kalverboer.

According to the Ombudsman for Children, the interests of young people are little taken into account in the advice of the Outbreak Management Team (OMT) and in the corona press conferences of the government.

"It's all about opening shops and terraces, about field labs and vaccination strategies," she argues.

"But in the meantime, students in secondary vocational education and higher education are only allowed to go to school one day a week and secondary school students are at home three days a week on average."

Kalverboer signals a "silent disaster" among children and young people.

According to her, it has been known for some time that these age groups are more likely to suffer from psychological complaints such as loneliness and depression as a result of the corona measures.

Kalverboer: 'Government only focuses on the short term'

However, according to her, the policy from The Hague focuses mainly on preventing the spread of the corona virus.

"It is only about the short term, the daily rates. As if it is not clear that this policy mainly affects children and young people in the long term."

The Ombudsman for Children fears that the current generation of young people will get tough "on all fronts".

"They have not been able to develop normally at a crucial age due to social isolation and lack of structure. That can lead to mental problems. rest of your life. I am very worried about that. "


According to teachers, this is lacking in the corona policy in schools

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