On Thursday morning, the police are again looking for the body of the missing student Sumanta Bansi in the De Hulk recreation area near Scharwoude (North Holland), the police confirms after a report from

De Telegraaf


The search is a continuation of the one from two weeks ago, where a broken shovel was found.

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After the April 19 search, police said they found Bansi very likely to have been buried and that the shovel was believed to have been demolished in an attempt to bury the woman's body.

The shovel is still under investigation by the Netherlands Forensic Institute (NFI).

According to

De Telegraaf

, the location would have come on the radar of the police because of location data from the telephones of two suspects in the case.

Last November, a 40-year-old man from Hoorn, his 63-year-old father and a 34-year-old cousin from Rijswijk were arrested.

The man from Hoorn is still under suspicion of involvement in Bansi's disappearance.

The then 22-year-old pregnant woman suddenly disappeared in February 2018.

The police assume that the student has been the victim of a crime.

Previously, the police already searched in the vicinity of the Robbenoordbos, in the head of North Holland.


Police are looking at Scharwoude for clues to missing Sumanta Bansi