The long torment of Tyler Seguin, 29, is over.

The striker, who last played in the Stanley Cup finals last summer, returned to the Dallas Stars lineup the night before Tuesday.

He scored an important goal right after leveling the score against the Florida Panthers to 4-4.

Seguin’s final-round goal took the match to extra time, which was cut short of Panthers ’Aleksander Barkov victory goal.

Before the match, Seguin posted a video on Twitter showing footage from his long sick leave.

The cannonball striker played the playoffs all last summer with hip pain.

The hip was cut on Nov. 2 in New York, and a recent story from The Athletic says Seguin was largely in a wheelchair for the first month.

- There were good days and bad days.

For the most part, it was about the spiritual side.

Just had to fight through it.

I had a lot of time to think about things: my career and the kind I love.

I started to appreciate the game a lot more, Seguin said.

In December, he got to switch to crutches but still had to have a knee surgery.

Seguin said he practically lost all of his four-headed thigh muscle, which began to grow to near zero.

During more than six months of hard rehabilitation, he re-learned to walk and move his ankles.

Now Seguin is involved in the final crunch as Dallas tries to rise ahead of Nashville and into the Central Division’s final playoff spot.

Seguin is one of the key players in Dallas.

He plays in the club with an eight-year mega-contract (until 2027) worth $ 78.8 million.

In his career, he has so far scored 280 + 356 = 636 points in the 742 NHL regular season.