The cottage is now living in a kind of renaissance.

The cottage shop is hot, and buyers can even be found for “stripped-down cottages,” which were hard to sell a few years ago.

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Those who have little experience in cottages have also left for cottage shops.

IS surveyed people’s cottage habits with an online survey.

We asked what surprised an inexperienced cottage.

From the responses, we compiled five different ways in which cottages can surprise the inexperienced.

1. Camping means new and surprising work

Is it scary to empty the outdoor hut or a shower-free cottage?

The cottage comes in contact with numerous work tasks that are not otherwise available.

- We found ourselves in a situation where there is no more room for stuff in the cottage's exterior.

We emptied the husk well after the summer, but apparently there has only been time spent here in the winter as well.

Confusion with a poop stick has helped.

Female, 39

- We warmed up the “little” fireplace on a cold summer evening.

The cottage became a sauna!

Female, 38

- The sauna was not repaired in time, so now there is lake water in the bucket and hair washing is done outdoors.

I surprised the city self by noting that this is now this cottage life.

The other is doing the dishes in late fall.

A platter with water and a thin layer of ice on top.

Yes, those dishes can be cleaned there too.

This year wiser!

Female, 45

"I have found my inner timper in myself," says the new cottage owner. Photo: Liisa Takala

- The operation of the old fireplace was challenging at first, when you smoked to smoke inside.

Now regular cleaning has brought help to the dilemma.

Female, 50

- Surprising is the roasting of food from home to the cottage and vice versa.

Female, 57

2. Cottage accommodation can be expensive

When it is possible to stay in cottages with family members, you do not have to take care of the expenses yourself.

For a new cottage owner, the payments may come as a surprise.

- Expenses accrue quite a bit: property tax, electricity, waste charges, tolls, etc. I used to live in a cottage owned by my parents, but now I pay the expenses alone.

Female, 50

- After the death of the other parent, the care and payments of the cottage were left to me and my sister.

It’s surprising how much the cost comes from maintenance alone and if you want to do a small surface repair.

Female, 42

- Usually the property tax comes as a surprise.

Male, 60

- The freezing of the sewer pipe caused exciting situations.

Male, 51

- It is surprising how much firewood you need for a sauna and a fireplace when you want to visit the cottage all year round.

And the electricity transmission fee is shocked!

Female, 47

3. Renovations can come as a surprise

A little business keeps you cheerful, but the cottage can also be quite a construction site.

- We are shocked to find moisture damage.

There are two of them.

Neighbors corrected the first because there are no agents on the island.

In the autumn, the roof of the sauna leaked.

Now it is waiting for repair.

Both are big fixes.

Female, 58

- There is far too much blessing debt for the current cottage.

The longer I linger with the fixes, the less time I have to enjoy the reforms.

There are plenty of leisure activities on offer, but no one has enough time for renovation help.

Male, 59

- To my surprise, I have found an internal carpenter who has succeeded in building both a marina and a sturdy balcony.

Male, 29

4. There is a lot of work

- What is surprising is the constant unfinishedness and the fact that when working remotely after a working day, you can no longer cope or start yard work.

Besides, darkness also descends.

Female, 59

- It is surprising how soon the yard areas will be busy, if not a little work is done for it every year.

Male, 58

- Four years will be full in the summer as the owner of the cottage.

There is a lot of yard work if you want the environment to stay clean.

There is a lot of work to be done, although we also have a relatively easy wild plot with lots of rock and conifers.

Male, 38

5. The cottage is wonderful

Above all, the cottage is wonderful.

For a new cottage owner, this may come as a special surprise.

- I am surprised at how easy it is to take part, even if not all the work is done at once.

Next time we will continue.

Would not succeed at home or at work.

Female, 53

The cottage is lovely, many resemble.

The friends are the animals of the forest, says one of the readers. Photo: Emmi Korhonen / Lehtikuva

- Living side by side with nature is wonderful.

Neighbors include mice, bats, lynxes, badgers, and numerous bird species.

Female, 57

- Summers, free time and weekends are far too short.

Female, 61

- I was surprised at how wonderful Finnish nature is.

The cottage neighbors are also friendly and caring.

Female, 58

- What is surprising is the beauty and complete satisfaction, even if there is something to be repaired, enjoyed and the care of the forest shared with others.

Female, 48

IS surveyed people's cottage habits and coincidences with an online survey from 1 to 7 April 2021.

A total of 2,212 people responded to the survey.