Beloved singer Matti “Fredi” Siitonen died on Friday 23 April.

In Helsinki at the age of 78.

Eva-Riitta Siitonen, now Fred's widow, is talking about her husband for the first time since her death.

He wrote a touching update on his Facebook account.

- I have read your posts and thoughts on Fred's music, songs and his career.

I know that he would be amazed, confused, but deeply grateful that music and him, as one of its creators and performers, have been so significantly taken into account, Eva-Riitta Siitonen writes.

She remembers her husband warmly.

- Matti has been big for family and loved ones for a long time.

The name was given by our eldest grandson.

The big one gave the family music, songs, games and fun, but it was also a safe rock for us against which children and grandchildren have grown.

There was no particular talk of publicity, and our daughter also thought for a long time that everyone’s parents were singing at work.

The children and grandchildren also thought when small that the Great is rich because he was always ready to help and give and used to say, "I can give, I am rich."

That meant there were a few lures in his pocket, Siitonen says.

- There are diamond and gold plates on the wall of his studio, but for us he had a golden heart.

Eva-Riitta and Fredi Siitonen in May 2019. Photo: Sari Gustafsson

The update has garnered numerous contributions.