The name Chord Borg has been on the lips of many in recent days.

The 28-year-old from Tampere rose to the consciousness of almost the entire population no later than Monday evening, when Jaajo Linnonmaa declared him the winner of the Deal.

Borg himself was puzzled by his eyes when he heard the legendary words from the mouth of Linnonmaa: “Sut has been hired”.

In my own eyes, however, the most touching moment of the final seen on Monday was not the announcement of Borg as the winner of the competition.

A moment earlier, Borg had opened tears in his eyes to the cameras about how he had encountered contempt and prejudice numerous times in his career.

Borg has been criticized, among other things, for not being credible enough to operate in the corporate world.

Borg did not escape contempt even after his victory.

Based on social media, many viewers questioned how only 28-year-old Borg managed to beat the much more experienced, 43-year-old Petri Matero.

At this point, many pulled out a gender card.

Borg was believed to have won the competition because she is a woman and even looks like that.

"Chord won because Jaajo did not dare to hire a strong man."

“Yes Jaajo and his partners were now blue-eyed.

Appearance affected the end result. ”

"Yes, now the external profile solved."

"Here again, we saw the mother's eye fall on a young silicone blonde."

Reading these and numerous other similar comments, I couldn’t help but think if we’re really living in 2021?

Namely, many people still seem to think that a woman cannot succeed in the business world purely with her own potential and abilities, but that the reasons for hiring are always found in external factors: she is needed to fill a quota woman position or alternatively to boost male colleagues.

There is no question that a woman would be hired simply because she would be the best possible person for that position.

In the finals, Chord received Petri Matero, who sincerely stated that he was proud of his competitor. Photo: Henri Kuntz / Nelonen

As far as the business world is concerned, women are still a clear minority.

Globally, only four percent of listed companies ’chairmen and CEOs are women.

The corresponding figure in Finland is eight.

This is by no means due to the fact that women are not as qualified as men.

In fact, the opposite is true.

According to a study commissioned by the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health, women in top management are, on average, more highly educated than their male counterparts.

Sointu Borg also has a master's degree in economics, which has seemed forgotten by many.

The loud nature of the chord aroused emotions in Diil's viewers. Photo: Henri Guntz / Nelonen

Of course, Borg was branded in the eyes of many as unbelievable even before the first episode of Diil was shown.

As I read the comments written by Borg in recent days, the question arose to me about what a credible woman in charge of a company looks like?

The answer to the question should be quite clear: the woman running the business should look exactly the way she wants to.

Hair color, dress style, or even cosmetic surgery when not correlated with intelligence.

The same is true in the other direction, as it is easy to label a woman as stylless even if she enjoys her workplace without makeup and does not represent mainstream beauty ideals.

However, it is absurd to think that in this millennium, no one should be crammed into a mold defined by the norms of society to be credible enough in the eyes of outsiders.

Borg’s outspoken and unforgiving nature also aroused outrage in many television viewers.

Borg was described as, among other things, overbearing, manipulative, and narcissistic.

So once again, we run into a situation where a woman is branded awkward when she talks about things directly and with their real names.

Such harsh character analyzes were not made of any of the men who appeared in the program, at least on the same scale.

Once again, I cannot help but wonder whether strong, ambitious and purposeful women are still alienated in our society?

Sointu Borg is a 28-year-old entrepreneur, economist and Diili winner. Photo: Saku Tiainen / Nelonen

Personally, I feel that Sointu Borg served thousands of young people, not just women, by performing in Diil.

He showed that in life, you often do best by being purely your own self.

At no point did Borg himself try to change himself to please others.

This is a mindset from which everyone should take a model regardless of age, gender or profession.

Sointu Borg is a 28-year-old entrepreneur, Master of Business Administration and now also Linnonmaa's corporate development director and partner.

She also has blonde hair, silicone breasts and a showy style.

These things are not mutually exclusive.

For the Lord in 2021, a woman’s place is right where a man’s.

Exactly what he looks like.