Finnish hit legend Matti “Fredi” Siitonen, who died at the age of 78, spoke about his death in a touching interview with Me Women in the spring of 2019. The previous summer, he had to say goodbye to his daughter Hanna-Riiga, who died of cancer.

In the interview, Siitonen recalled an encounter in which an admirer at a gig wanted to predict from a singer's hand.

- He looked at it and said, "You sing at the age of 75 and you die at the age of 82."

Now I'm 76 and still sing that perhaps it is just not the case.

However, I look forward to that 82-year milestone, Siitonen told Me Nais.

However, Matti Siitonen could not experience that borderline laundry.

Eva-Riitta and Matti Siitonen met at Kulosaari Casino, where Fredi was at a gig and Eva-Riitta at summer jobs.

The year was 1967.Photo: Sari Gustafsson

In an interview three years ago, the singer star said that the death and the possibility of becoming a widow have been discussed with his wife Eva-Riitta.

- I don't know if I'm afraid of death, but we're talking about it with Eva-Riita.

Death can be close.

We also wondered what each would do alone if the other left first.

The breeds married in 1969. At the beginning of the marriage, Eva-Riitta was known as a television announcer and later as the mayor of Helsinki and a Member of the European Parliament.

Eva-Riita had one son, Petri, whom Matti adopted as her own.

In 1970, the family pit Hanna-Riikka was born, which became ill with thyroid cancer 30 years later.

The couple had to watch from the sidelines when their daughter finally faced death in convalescent care at Terhokodi in July 2018. The father, who had followed her daughter’s long illness, hoped there would be no pain associated with death at her own point.

He said in an interview with Me Women that he is comforted by the idea that life continues in some way even after death.

The same idea was present at the moment when Hanna-Riikka passed from time to eternity.

The father held his daughter by the hand, feeling this last heartbeat.

- I think we'll come here again.

Otherwise, this would make no sense.

Probably even now Hanna is watching next to them that those are talking about it and don't know much about things yet, Siitonen said in March 2019.